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Marc Trestman Press Conference Open Thread: Will Rod Marinelli Stay?

Join us for some candid discussion about the Marc Trestman press conference. And please remember that all open Threads are rated WCG-MA

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman will address the media at approximately 11am Chicago time. We're not sure if Trestman will be flying solo at the presser, or if Bears general manager Phil Emery will also be answering questions.

If I were to wager a guess on the topics of discussion, I'd say they will surely be;

  • The Phil Emery hiring process
  • His version of the West Coast Offense
  • The fate of the remaining Chicago assistant coaches, including Rod Marinelli.
  • The new direction the defense may or may not take.
  • How his time away from the NFL coaching in the CFL could affect his philosophy.
  • How some of the current Bears players will fit into his plans.
  • A possible Tim Tebow connection
  • Jay Cutler

You can check out this link for the stream to the Marc Trestman press conference. And as soon as the press conference is over, we'll be embedding the stream right into the post.