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Highlights From Marc Trestman Press Conference

In case you missed the full presser, we're going to break it down for you with as much humor and occasional insight as possible.

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This is not Phil Emery. This is future Marc Trestman.
This is not Phil Emery. This is future Marc Trestman.
Jonathan Daniel

Yesterday the Chicago Bears' formerly announced Marc Trestman as the new Head Coach. In case you weren't able to watch the press conference live, or haven't had the time to catch up on the some of the main highlights, we're going to break it down for you point by point with our own analysis piped in (which adds little information, but hopefully adds some smiles to your day). The Chicago Sun-Times has full audio here if you're interested in refreshing your memory. The time stamp for each comment below will be from that link, in case you want to go back and listen to Trestman/Emery/media say it for themselves.

:06 Emery asks "how's everyone doing?" One person responds. A chuckle is had by all.

:11 Emery acknowledges his lack of a lanyard. This was the first prop bet listed on CBS Chicago.

:45 He welcomes Trestman and his family, who are all there for the presser, along with new OC Aaron Kromer and STC Joe DeCamillis, who are in the back of the room possibly making fun of the size of Mike Tice's head.

1:10 Introduces his wife, Beth, who Emery - based on his exhaustive interview process for head coach - presumably sees for 3 minutes a day, every other day. I assume Emery has an office cot... that is, if he slept.

1:40 Introduces Trestman first as "our new leader" then "our new football coach." I assume that's Trestman's official title, "Leader/Head Football Coach."

2:05 Emery interrupts his own his introduction of Trestman, and begins talking about the process of hiring him. Anyone with a short attention span immediately opens up youtube or Angry Birds (or makes snide comments in the WCG open thread).

2:25 Emery: "I had a list" of candidates to replace the coach if needed, and "I refined that list." To Emery refine apparently means expand exponentially.

3:05 "I wanted to make (the hiring process) fun for you (the media)" by parring down the media's list of thirty candidates down to... whatever it ended up at. 13, 14, 16... somewhere below thirty I guess. Emery acknowledged other people contacted him with an interest that he didn't interview.

5:00 "I wanted to find someone that would be in lockstep with us, with me, so we could move together as a team." Since Trestman kind of looks like Emery's past self, I'd say he got pretty close. Just hope he's not a Looper.

6:10 Final two candidates were Arians and Trestman. Big factor: both had head coaching experience.

6:50 Discussed final two with George and Ted... I assume Ted looked nervously back and forth between George and Phil to see who they liked, then nodded so fast he practically got whiplash.

7:10 The choice: "Marc Trestman." Emery says that in a similar vein as "I'm Batman" or "give me my detonators."

7:45 Emery highlights Trestman's "excellence" and repeats the word more than yahoos say Babba Booey.

9:20 Emery hates losing so much he doesn't mean enunciate the "L" in familiar.

10:40 Draft best player available rather than best fit for scheme. No comment on pool-jumpers.

12:15 "Marc has a quietness to him... a quiet confidence... a heckuva football coach." Emery pretty much sets up Trestman as a super hero; "by day, he's a mild-mannered lawyer and father of two, by night, he's... A BRILLIANT FOOTBALL COACH!"

13:05 Trestman's birthday is January 15, Emery's is the 16th. Emery: "I got the present, he got the job." There's a dirty joke in there, but I'll let it go.

14:10 Trestman's favorite quote (which he repeated to Emery eight times) "what I do for myself is buried with me, what I do for others lives forever" is from the tv show Criminal Minds, which Emery loves. The walls of Emery are tumbling down! He is human!

14:55 Finally introduces Trestman. Not a bad digression for Emery. I think I saw Biggs with a pillow in case Emery went too long, but he was tired from his late-night news-breaking.

15:10 Trestman's first words: "Good morning." Same person from earlier that said "good:" "good morning." Who keeps doing that!?! Rosenbloom?

15:30 Calls Emery "Phil." Aw, a new bromance is blooming!

16:15 Calls taking Montreal job a "leap of faith." He forgot the "ey."

18:05 "Consistently" is not an easy word to repeat twice within a three second span. Trestman butchered it like Harriet Michaels-McKenzie.

18:25 Trestman grew up a Minnesota Vikings fan... I could see him wearing a pelt and horns.

19:35 Talks about "the science of football." That would've been an awesome minor in college.

20:35 "The quarterback absolutely must perform at a high level." Paging Jay Cutler...

22:05 Locker room will be "humble, hardworking." Paging Devin Hester...

23:25 Trestman keeps referring to Emery as Phil. My mind wanders to Groundhog Day... "don't drive angry!"

25:15 "We gotta build frustration for the other team's offense." As opposed to being frustrated with our own offense.

26:00 "I get to be the team's compass and road map." Everyone under 25 just went "wah?" before Trestman said "GPS."

27:00 "We're going to put a team together that the city of Chicago, and its fanbase, will be very very proud of." Have you heard some of the meatball fans we got? Good luck with that.

27:10 "I can't wait to get started, Phil, and doing it with you." Ha!

At this point, Trestman begins taking questions from the media, which I won't rehash for you since all the usual Bears' reporters did an excellent job of that. But a few thoughts from this portion of the presser:

  • Trestman sounded much looser and less nervous in the question and answer portion of the press conference... well, after his first response, which sounded like he was reading.
  • He has a very deliberate, even-keeled manner of speaking. Maintains a strong presence throughout.
  • He did ask the reporters to speak louder, which I'm sure some reporter (Rosenbloom?) will reference during Trestman's tenure if things don't go smoothly ("the man can't communicate!").
  • Trestman seems earnest in his desire to work with Cutler and turn around the Bears' offense. And yes, he danced around the "Jay a franchise QB" questions, but I like it. Jay needs to prove to Trestman he's willing to do what is necessary to play better and win games within Trestman's system.
  • Conversely, he acknowledged a love for what Brian Urlacher means to the Bears and how he's played over the years, but didn't say whether or not #54 would be back next year. Which is fine, since Urlacher's a free agent. Cutler's not.

That's all I got from the press conference. How do you now feel about Marc Trestman, Phil Emery, and the Chicago Bears in general?