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Chicago Bears Announce Two New Assistants: Matt Cavanaugh (QB) and Skip Peete (RB)

The Bears officially announce news we brought you yesterday, and tell us who replaces Cutler-buddy Jeremy Bates.

He's the one who was a servicible NFL quarterback.
He's the one who was a servicible NFL quarterback.

After some of us bemoaned the length of the head coach search, the coaching staff updates are flying fast and furious.

Per Larry Mayer:

MORE: Bears Add Peete as Running Backs Coach

Click above to read Lester's breakdown of former Cowboys RB coach Peete yesterday.

Cavanaugh is a former Super Bowl (backup) quarterback, for both Super Bowl XIX and Super Bowl XXV. Most recently, he's been the quarterbacks coach for the New York Jets, which is probably enough to cause some concern for people. Additionally, he's a former Bears coordinator!

Here's Cavanaugh's coaching career:

  • Pittsburgh Panthers (NCAA) 92-93 - chief recruiter and offensive coach
  • Arizona Cardinals - 94-95 - offensive coach
  • San Francisco 49ers - 96 - offensive coach
  • CHICAGO BEARS! - 97-98 - offensive coordinator
  • Baltimore Ravens - 99-04 - offensive coordinator
  • Pittsburgh Panthers (NCAA)05-08 - offensive coordinator
  • New York Jets - 09-12 Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks Coach

  • Those two seasons with Chicago were under Wanny, and they were back-to-back 4-12 seasons. Erik Kramer, Steve Stenstrom, Rick Mirer, and Moses Moreno were your quarterbacks, and it was unimpressive.