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2013 NFL Draft: Rutgers LB Khaseem Greene

Our draft video of the day takes its first turn into the lower rounds, as we look at linebacker Khaseem Greene.


We've spent the last two weeks looking at potential first-round picks for the Chicago Bears, and we'll eventually make our way back there, but today I thought we'd take our first turn off the first-round interstate and hit some back roads and cornfields - after all, the draft isn't solely the first round, and the Bears will need to make the most of their picks.

And today that means we're looking at the first guy brought up when I called out for draft prospects to look at, linebacker Khaseem Greene out of Rutgers. I took a hesitation-step when I saw he was initially projected as a third-rounder to the Lions, since the Bears don't have a third round pick, but there are other ways to get this guy if he's a third round pick - trade down from the second round and pick up a fourth or fifth, trade up into the third, or hope he drops into the fourth.

Greene's an athlete, though, and like a certain other Bears' middle linebacker, a converted safety. He's on the small side (6'1", 230), can't add a lot more weight to his frame, gets lost in traffic and suffered a broken ankle in 2011. However, he's rangy, quick, has good ball skills, tackles well and plays very well in coverage. He doesn't take many wrong steps and will explode to the ball, and improved a lot at this in his second season at linebacker. According to, his best comparison is Geno Hayes.

CBS currently projects him to go in the second round as the 57th-overall prospect, meaning he'd be in range for the Bears to use pick 50 on him. WalterFootball still has him at 65 to the Lions in the third round, the third pick of that round. What are your thoughts?