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Green Bay Packers may Block Chicago Bears from interviewing Tom Clements, for now...

With the Green bay Packers still alive in the post season, they can delay the Chicago Bears' interview of their offensive coordinator Tom Clements until they are eliminated.

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Packers GM Ted Thompson may delay the interview of Tom Clemnets with the Chicago Bears
Packers GM Ted Thompson may delay the interview of Tom Clemnets with the Chicago Bears

The Green Bay Packers are readying themselves for their 1st round playoff game this weekend, and that means offensive coordinator Tom Clements is busy game planning for the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears have requested permission to interview Clements, but the Packers aren't required to grant the request until they are done playing games this season.

From ESPN:

"If a club is interested in discussing its head coaching position with an assistant coach whose playing season (excluding Pro Bowl) is over, and who is contractually obligated to another club, the assistant coach's employer club must permit the coach the opportunity to discuss, and possibly accept, such employment through March 1 of any year."

For teams in the playoffs, like the Packers, "the owner or operating head of the inquiring club may contact the owner or operating head of the employer club to request written permission to discuss its head coaching position with an assistant coach."

Given the rivalry that exists between the two teams, I doubt Green Bay will make Clements available until they are eliminated.

The same can't be said for the Bears interest in Denver O.C. Mike McCoy. Since the Broncos have a bye, they are requesting teams meet with McCoy in the Denver area this weekend.

In other head coach search news, the Bears are meeting with Tampa Bay O.C. Mike Sullivan today in Atlanta. Last night the Bears met with Falcons special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong. The Kansas City Chiefs have also interviewed Armstrong for their head coaching vacancy.

This Saturday the Bears will meet with Dallas Cowboy special teams Joe DeCamillis.

UPDATE - While we now know that the request to interview Tom Clements was granted, per Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee, there's still no confirmation as to when the meeting will take place.