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2013 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Week Thoughts

The NFL conference championship games were just the cherry on top of an exciting week of football news. Take a peak at our Thoughts, and as always, be sure to leave a few of your own.


1) A quick memo to the media; Whether you go with the HarBowl, the Super-baugh, the Bro Bowl, or some ever other crappy name to point out that the Harbaugh brothers are coaching in the Super Bowl, please remember that it's already been overused, and it's only Monday. Do you really want another 13 days of trying to sound witty, when all you're doing is making everyone cringe. I really hope none of us writers on WCG will sink to that level.

2) Everyone is making a huge deal about the decision that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh made, in sticking with Colin Kaepernick as his starting quarterback. Words like gutsy, bold, and risky were thrown around, but why is no one using the word, obvious? Kaepernick was drafted by Harbaugh, and once he found his way to the field he played very good. It was a no-brainer to keep him at #1.

3) In my opinion, the bold move was made by Ravens head coach John Harbaugh when he fired his offensive coordinator after the December 9th loss to Washington that dropped his team to a still respectable 9-4. Letting Cam Cameron go, and replacing him with Jim Caldwell when they were 1 win from a playoff spot was about as chancy as it gets.

4) The referees need review help on judgement calls. The "hit to the helmet / roughing the passer" called on the inadvertent slap to the head of Colin Kaepernick at the end of the 3rd quarter was a joke.

5) During his emotional post game comments, Tony Gonzalez used the word "probably" in regards to his retirement, so maybe he returns in 2013... But if he truly does hang em up, there's no doubt about it, we've seen the best tight end to ever play the game. And as you can see from the pic above, he's still got his ups...

6) Say what you want about Ray Lewis' "last ride" farewell tour, and the emotional effect he has on his team, but the Ravens have only lost once this season with #52 on the field.

7) I'm excited to see the match up between two hard nosed, hard running, hard hitting teams going at in in the Super Bowl. I like the way both teams play, but as of today, my rooting interests will probably be with San Fran.

8) I'm not sure if Bruce Arains is the best fit in Arizona. His quarterbacks to tend to get sacked a lot, and the Cardinals have a bad offensive line. They were sacked a league leading 58 times in '12, and Arians is a proponent of the Air Coryell philosophy on offense. He ran a scaled back version of his O in Indianapolis and they still allowed 41 sacks. Oh yeah, their QBs are really bad too.

9) Manti Te'o... What an unreal situation. I doubt this hoax will hurt his draft stock, even if it turns out he had a hand in it. NFL GMs have looked past pretty much everything when it comes to acquiring talent.

10) I don't understand why some fans get up in arms when coaches bring in "their guys" to fill assistant coaching positions. That's the norm, they all do it. You get the chance to run your own program, you want to work with people that share your vision.