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NFL Thoughts: Week before the Super Bowl edition

Today our Thoughts will all be in the form of a question. So these aren't really Thoughts per se, they're just some things we've been wondering about, and a few things we've been kicking around the water cooler. So be sure to join in the conversation.


Be sure to chime in with your answers to our questions, and if you have anything NFL related you've been wondering about, throw it in a comment for all to see.

1) Pro Bowl, keep it or scrap it?

2) If Charles Tillman is elected to 2 or 3 more Pro Bowls, could the Hall Of Fame come calling? Keep in mind that in 10 seasons he has 33 interceptions, 37 forced fumbles, 11 fumble recoveries, and 9 defensive touchdowns.

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3) Do you think the Bears should stand pat at 20 or trade down in the draft and look to acquire more picks?

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4) This year the Super Bowl will be back in New Orleans, but next year the game will be played outside at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Sub freezing temperatures are a real possibility for the 2014 game.

Do you think that the Super Bowl should always be played in a warm weather city? What about cold weather cities with domed stadiums?

5) With so many parties taking place on Super Bowl Sunday, do you think it would more sense to play the big game on Saturday night? That way most of those that partake in a few too many adult beverages won't have work the next day, or is the tradition of Sunday too strong to move the game?

Did you know there's an actual petition asking the President to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday? I'd be down for that...

6) Who do you think should win the NFL MVP, Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson?

7) Do you like the Super Bowl commercials?

8) Are you excited for the Beyonce halftime show, and the rumored Destiny's Child reunion?

9) How many times do you think the CBS Super Bowl crew will mention Harbaugh Bowl, Har Bowl or Super Baugh?

If you're a fan of the crazy prop bets the over/under is set at a mere 2.5.

10) Who are you picking in the Super Bowl?

For the record, I'm cheering for the 49ers and I think they'll win as well.