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Which Bears player performed against the odds in 2012?

Even though the Chicago Bears had a disappointing end to their year, there were still some good stories that will come out of the 2012 season. Which Bears player performed Against All The Odds in 2012?

Leon Halip

It's time once again for the Gillette No Debate Question of the Week!

WHICH PLAYER HAS PERFORMED AGAINST ALL THE ODDS THIS SEASON? (Click the link for info of their fantastic contest!)

Since we do what we do here at Windy City Gridiron, we're asking you guys to answer the question, but with a Chicago Bears twist.

Which Chicago Bears player has performed against all the odds this season? (I feel like someone should cue the Phil Collins song)

Maybe a guy like Tim Jennings, who was benched late last season, only to bust his ass in the off season and make the Pro Bowl in 2012?

Perhaps a guy like Corey Wootton, who underperformed his entire Bears career, but through hard work managed to crack the starting lineup this year.

You might go with Jay Cutler, who managed to fight through some pass protection issues and live through another season.

Could Julius Peppers be your pick? He had foot issues all season long, yet still played at his usual Pro Bowl level.

Tell us which Bears player you think performed Against The Odds in 2012 and do so in the comment section!

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