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Draft Video of the Day: Chance Warmack and Barrett Jones

Each weekend here at Windy City Gridiron, we'll take a look at prospects throughout the draft that might interest the Bears or that might be available. We'll start the proceedings by taking a look at this pair of Alabama offensive linemen.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Normally, when we start looking into the NFL draft I get a little feeling of uncertainty with regards to players that I generally don't know enough about - probably because the amount of college football I watch is limited to Illinois and the team that is kicking their arse up and down the field, at which point I get a terrible sadness and have to get away from football-like-substances for the remainder of the day. Maybe someday that'll change.

Anyway, we're starting off today by tossing a couple players at arguably the Bears' biggest trouble spot - offensive line, and the interior to be specific. The video centers (see what I did there?) on Barrett Jones and Chance Warmack, Alabama's center and left guard, respectively. If you take a gander at the always-entertaining suckmyditka's Mock Draft over in the FanPosts, you'd see Jones goes at 16 and Warmack to the Bears.

Warmack's a second-year starter at left guard, while Jones initially started at left tackle earlier in his Alabama career and shifted inside to center, still playing at a high level. Jones is the more versatile player, whereas Warmack is pretty well solidified at left guard.

What do you guys see in these two, and would you want either with the 20th overall pick?