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Chicago Bears to Interview CFL's Marc Trestman

The Bears are truly leaving no stone unturned, as they're reaching out to the CFL's Marc Trestman, head coach of the Montreal Alouettes.


When Phil Emery said that no one is excluded from the Bears' coaching search, now I'm thoroughly convinced that no one is excluded. Except maybe Tim Beckman. Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Bears are going to interview Marc Trestman - the head coach of the Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes.

That's a stunner. Mostly because this is an unexpected call. Anyway, doing a little cursory digging into Trestman, his NFL coaching career spans from 1989 to 2003 in offensive coordinator positions - he spent 1989 with the Browns, 1995 and 1996 with the Niners and Jerry Rice, 1998 through 2000 with the Arizona Cardinals, with two offenses in the back-20s of the rankings, and 2002-2003 with the Oakland Raiders during their Super Bowl run and loss to the Buccaneers.

In his CFL career, in 2011 his offense led the league in scoring, total offensive yards and passing yards, with the league's leading passer, leading rusher, leading receiver, and the league's Most Oustanding Lineman, and surpassed Marv Levy to move to third place in Alouette's history for career wins.

Another note about Trestman, he's known for spending time mentoring young college quarterbacks, most notably (for our purposes) Jason Campbell and Jay Cutler, as well as Tim Tebow, for the NFL Combine. And in 2007 he was a consultant for Sean Payton.

My initial impressions... Eh. Judging just by the ranks, he's a guy that needs talent on offense to click effectively, but the ranks are also older than Jason Hanson, and his CFL resume's been quite good. Then again, it's the CFL.

What are your thoughts on Trestman?