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Lovie Smith Interviews with Buffalo Bills

Lovie Smith might still be a head coach in 2013, just with a different team.

Jonathan Daniel

Lovie Smith might just land on his feet after all. Friday saw the Buffalo Bills interviewing the former Bears' coach along with two other candidates, Oregon's Chip Kelly (since then, he's headed to the Browns) and Syracuse's Doug Marrone.

Today, the Bills headed to Denver to speak with Mike McCoy, the Broncos' offensive coordinator, who's also been on the Bears' radar from step one.

Smith's on the Bills' radar as a defensive-minded specialist after the Bills revamped their defense last offseason with the splashy acquisition of the One Hundred Million Dollar Man in Mario Williams - and we all know how important a top-tier defensive end talent is to the Lovie Smith system. But the Buffalo defense was ranked near the bottom of the league last year and will probably require an infusion of talent at linebacker to make the system work.

Former Bears' defensive assistant Gill Byrd, whom Lovie worked with a few years, is the father of current Bills safety Jairus Byrd, which might not mean anything, but ESPN deemed it important enough to drop in there.

My thoughts: I'm not sure Smith is enough to bump Buffalo into a top-tier team. The offense has a couple proven and decent weapons, but it's still going to be a problem, and while Williams is a nice piece and Marcell Dareus is a good young tackle, the rest of that back seven leaves some to be desired. It'll take some time to turn it around if Smith is hired.