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Draft Video of the Day: Georgia LB Alec Ogletree

Today we take a look at Alec Ogletree, Georgia's outstanding linebacker, and if he could be in the Bears' draft plans.

Scott Cunningham

Alabama seems to be heavily involved in our draft videos so far. We spent yesterday looking at a pair of Alabama offensive linemen, and today we're going to look at a Georgia linebacker and his gamefilm against Alabama.

Ogletree was originally a safety in high school before making the switch to interior linebacker, and in 2012 actually had a really good year for the Bulldogs - enough so that WalterFootball has Ogletree heading to the Bears at the 20th pick in their mock draft. (Next weekend we'll look at their original pick, Tyler Eifter, but for now...)

As a former safety, Ogletree's got outstanding range and athleticism, good pursuit speed and quickness on the edge, his lacking quality might be his size and difficulty filling run gaps - though once he starts hitting, this is a case when size apparently doesn't matter. The linked profile calls out his pad level as a tackler.

His career accolades include 2012 All-SEC Second Team as voted by both media and coaches - he's a junior making the jump to the NFL. He led the Bulldogs with 98 tackles while sitting out Georgia's first four games thanks to a violation of team rules. He's credited with two sacks, an interception, and his first career touchdown on a return of a blocked field-goal.

What do you guys see in Ogletree, and would you object to spending the 20th pick on him?