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Chicago Bears' Charles Tillman named to USA Football's All-Fundamentals Team

Not only was Charles Tillman elected to the Pro Bowl for his fine play during the 2012 season, he was also named to the All-Fundamentals Team.


USA Football is the governing body for the sport of football, and they have been leading the charge on player safety at the youth level since their inception. Probably the number one topic of discussion towards making the sport we love safer is teaching proper fundamentals. Having attended USA Football clinics myself, I have witnessed first hand, the importance they place of this.

Part of getting the word out on the fundamental basics of football is the annual naming of their 2012 All-Fundamentals Team. This is the 4th annual such team, and the 4th time the Chicago Bears had a representative on the roster. Charles Tillman was named as a corner back for the 2012 team. In 2010 Patrick Mannelly was named as the long snapper, and in 2011 Devin Hester was named as a kick returner, and Julius Peppers was named as a defensive end.

Tillman was selected to the 2012 team by the five man selection committee for his fundamentally sound ability of, "Breaking on the ball; Securing tackles; striping the ball", and be sure to check out USA Football's Fundamental film room by clicking on each position icon.

You can also vote Peanut as the Defensive Team Captain by going to USA Football's Facebook page. Be sure to go vote for Tillman, as he's currently running away with 88% of the vote.