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Chicago Bears to interview Vikings assistants Mike Singletary and Mike Priefer

Among the many interviews Phil Emery is conducting... Former Chicago Bears great Mike Singletary.

Kevin C. Cox

From the Department of Never Saw this Coming: The Chicago Bears will interview a couple of Minnesota Vikings assistants: Special Teams coach Mike Priefer and former all-world linebacker Mike Singletary.

Mike Singletary has made waves since joining the coaching ranks in the NFL. He was the linebackers coach for the Baltimore Ravens from 2003-2004, and joined the San Francisco 49ers as assistant head coach/ linebackers coach from 2005-2008. After Mike Nolan was fired mid-season in 2008, Singletary became interim head coach, and immediately made his presence known by his very public feud with tight end Vernon Davis.

The following season, Singletary was signed to a multi-year deal with San Francisco, but finished the year with an 8-8 record.

In 2010, Singletary was fired before the final game of the season, after the 49ers posted a 5-10 record.

A reunion with former Chicago Bears teammate Leslie Frazier ensued, as the Minnesota Vikings head coach invited Singletary to join his coaching staff for 2011.

Fast forward to 2013, and Samurai Mike has earned himself an interview with the Chicago Bears. Brad Biggs tweets:

Belief is McCaskey family backing interview opportunity for Hall of Famer Mike Singletary. Personally surprised he is on list.

Phil Emery has indicated that the family, as well as team president Ted Phillips, has given him free reign to take this team in the direction that he chooses, so we will see what transpires in the coming days. Like Biggs, I'm surprised that this has surfaced, but as mentioned before, Emery has a responsibility to do all of his homework before turning in his assignment.

It personally doesn't matter to me who Emery interviews, and the more intel he can gather the better. He is making what will be the most important decision in many years for the Chicago Bears, so he has to get this one right.

Oh, and also mentioned is Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer. He will interview as well.

Your thoughts?