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The Bears Den: January 09, 2013 - Postseason News and Notes

Review that play or Imma drop my pants again!

Jed Jacobsohn

Mike Brown impressed with Bears' starting safeties - Larry Mayer: During a rare interview with two of his ex-teammates, former Bears star Mike Brown discussed his successors at the safety position, Brian Urlacher's future and more.

Making sense of the Mike Singletary interview - Ricky O'Donnell: The Bears plan on interviewing Mike Singletary for their head coaching opening. Fortunately, it appears as if GM Phil Emery is too smart to hire the former Super Bowl icon.

Peter King's TMQB - Reader mailbag and the new Buffalo head coach.

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More special deliveries for Bears - Brad Biggs: The Bears did not have the kind of magic that has been a part of their return game in recent seasons, but they still remained one of the most successful special teams units in the NFL in 2012.

NFCN Blog - John Clayton's info on salary cap space for the NFC North teams. Bears > Lions.

Jay Cutler inspires others with Type 1 Diabetes - Jay Cutler was never going to let Type 1 Diabetes get in the way of his dreams, and he's become a role model for kids living with that same condition.

Perhaps Sackman should have a diabeetus awareness design in the Jay Cutler clothing range?


(Search for the next) Ditka

Numbers grow in Bears’ coaching search, but 'target' difficult to ID - Moon Mullin: The Bears' unofficial list of potential head coach candidates has reached 13, yet it's still hard to pinpoint who a frontrunner is or who Phil Emery is specifically targeting.

Are the Bears really considering Mike Singletary? - Kip Lewis: The stories about Mike Singletary's time as San Francisco's head coach are embarrassing, so how could the Bears possibly be considering him as a candidate in their own search?

With Singletary's candidacy, Emery is clowning himself - Steve Rosenbloom: The idea is as crazy as Singletary himself, unless Singletary plans to re-enact that legendary pants-dropping episode. Well. Emery did say he was looking for someone who could command a room.

Mike Singletary mucks up head coach search - David Haugh: If the Bears aren't serious about hiring Singletary, don't insult one of their greatest players ever with a meaningless interview. If the Bears truly think they might hire Singletary, they can't be serious.

[Video] CTL discussion - Following the news that Singletary has been added to their long list of candidates, who aren't the Bears interviewing?

Is Phil Emery pulling an Al Davis? - Al Davis was notorious for using a head-coaching vacancy as cover for bringing in assistant coaches from other teams and picking their brains, all under the guise of possibly hiring them.

Grizzled and experienced: Bruce Arians - Jim Miller makes the case for the Colts' OC. As do Colts players.

Ben Roethlisberger gives Bruce Arians a ringing endorsement - Brad Biggs: Steelers QB believes his former mentor would be perfect coach to bring out best in Jay Cutler and Chicago Bears.

Should the Bears be looking at Nick Saban? - Dave Wischnowsky: After watching Alabama make Notre Dame look like a Leprechaun (Hands off my lucky charms - Spongie) during a 42-14 rout in the BCS Championship Game on Tuesday night, I’m wondering whether Emery should size up yet another candidate.

Bears' assistants play waiting game - Michael C. Wright: The Bears' assistants currently under contract haven't been given permission to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Retaining assistants could drive away Bears' head coach candidates - Kip Lewis: GM Phil Emery is pondering keeping some of the Bears' defensive coaching staff, but that could make the head coaching job less appealing to candidates.

Ditka thrilled Bears’ interviews include neglected coordinators - Sean Jensen: Mike Ditka is sensitive to the stigma that special-teams coordinators aren’t equipped to be head coaches. Before he was Da Coach, he was Da Coordinator.


Polish sausage

Eagles to interview former Lovie Smith - The Eagles, who fired Andy Reid after 14 seasons, also plan to interview Colts OC Bruce Arians and Seattle DC Gus Bradley this week.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Kevin Seifert: With the No. 24 overall pick this season and limited options in free agency, there wasn't much chance the Vikings would give up on Christian Ponder this year.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Chip Scoggins: This season's success reflects GM Rick Spielman's belief that his organization can build a solid foundation through the draft without compromising the NFL's win-now mandate.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Dave Birkett: Detroit's defense wants to be more physical at CB -- like the Seahawks.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Justin Roger's position by position grades for the Lions defense. Wasn't pretty, apart from their DTs.

Selected musical obituary of 2012: Davy Jones of the Monkees died in February, aged 66.