Cacti's Best In Threads Week 4 : Bad Jay, no pudding for you!

This week's aside is explaining some WCG conventions. Dilf is used in place of the "sh@t" word.
Examples : "You are dilfing me. The Kittens are dilf."
Its usage stems from cave paintings thousands of years old where T.Dilfer is compared to dog excrement.

Now Onwards Towards the 1st Q!

Good list.

David in Maine: Bear Down!

Game Time Checklist:

Food and Drinks: Check

TCO/NOT A THING Counter (prototype): Check

Ndamakong Suh Voodoo Doll: Check

Squirrels, Lighter and Lighter Fluid: Check

Seems more Mad Martzy then Crazy Genuis today

No Punt Intended: Can't wait to see what the mad scientist has concocted for today's game


LostInStl: How do I get the page to load new comments automatically??...

suckmyditka: by switching to GEICO

pigs must be flying....somewhere

bradleyjp: Every so often this defense worries me.

No Punt Intended: like every time they are on the field?

On Jay's first

suckmyditka: yup that's our Jay

Just Dave: Stared him down the whole way

2nd Quarter Already? Wow.

It's Cacti's/Thorco's fault for not saying Trest Coast Offense

E46NE10: quick, someone declare that it's not a thing, that seems to wake our offense up

Bushrod might want to be cautious about job security....

Sparky the Barbarian: Just how many guys did Jeffrey block on that play?

Two, three, a hundred and eight?

Just Dave: 12

It was the weirdest thing

badsamaritan: 108, the entire cast of Suikoden games.

lmfsilva: all of them

Including offense. He also went back in time and blocked all Lions defenses since 1940.

Sadly not our Bush...

Just Dave: Bush with a big hole

this dilf(edit.) writes itself.

seems to be a common sentiment....

emdub: Pass rush is like soft core porn

We're missing some martzing(edit.) penetration.

well...that didn't go right either

punchinjudy: yay go texans

i hate SEA


emdub: That was a fantastic play

Here Forte, have the ball. Then just kinda stop. And stand there.

for those who love Futurama...Send more trains!

No Punt Intended: Do we even have a defense?

BearNecessities: It's like 09 against Bengals/Cardinals.


down 30 - 10 in the's the important things people

Beer Down!: WOO!

My beer is cold!

sigh. Please let Urlacher be the mediocre sportscaster he is right now...

AbeAkil: Urlacher this year after an offseason is better than any LB on this team not named Briggs...



ES46NE10: if you don't want your cat to build a canoe

you can damn well bet that cat is going to build a canoe

now that's just silly.

Dils: We miss Brian Urlacher. Let's just admit it

Teams are attacking us with their TE and running up the middle. That NEVER use to happen.

Kev H: Uh

that happened all the time, what games are you talking about?

T.Moore: Did you live under a rock the past few years?

and they never dared to throw slants, either.

Teams are attacking us with their TE and running up the middle. That NEVER use to happen

That ALWAYS happens!!

lmfsilva: Yeah

and they never dared to throw slants, either.

To finish the second a Lions/Bears fan threw something at Bennett. That's all we are going to say about that.

Onwards to the second half. Needless to say lots of gloom, not much chuckles

After a Jay Cutler fumble

ES46NE10: Jay looks traumatized out there, like he saw trestman's hair


GouldisGold: SIGN TIM TEBOW.

editor's note: At this point the score is Bears -43687945, Lions 37

Bleh. I don't like this pie.

C-Razzle: Every team has to get served humble pie sometime.

Its possibly today.

Midway Bully: Bears keep getting served humble pie seemingly every year for the past 4-5 years

i'm starting to get diabetes. and no, that's not a Jay Cutler joke.

LoL. Now there's a fan base about to jump off a bridge...

tfrabotta: I hope the Texans don't choke their game away

Just one of those days...

BearRocket: this is uglier

Than trestman without a hat

Now you leave my lovable lusers outa this...

ES46NE10: man the cubs do this 100 times a year but the bears do it once and they're going to be called the biggest fraud in the NFL

Bears-Cubs Bulls: Bring the lowly Cubs into this

low, very low

Thorco assisted in this.

Shruggs: My bad guys

broke out a new bears tye-dye shirt and wore pants instead of shorts for the first time this year....

Not even Martz ever misses Martz

Mo_Downs: I miss Lovie..and Martz. OK, maybe I don't really miss Martz.......

GouldisGold: I'd rather have Tebow than Cutler.

David in Maine: Now, THAT'S just crazy

MPG: Only your awesome screen-name is saving you from sure bannation.

Kev H: I can't ban people everytime they say something silly

we wouldn't have a community

I for one welcome our new tomato overlord.

lmfsilva: And now, Chiefs beating Giants


Jay's Fault.

Claudio Oliveira: If the Bears come with a comeback..

I swear I will take a picture with my sock on my mouth and put here.. (and with a big smile on my face..)

Too bad we only had enough juice for two of them...

Shruggs: 4 miracles in order

suckmyditka: Gym Shortz is having a douchegasm right now

Old School.

torch: Where's Chris Webber

To call Detroit's last timeout?

On the Schwartz

DutchBear: Martzing(edit.) smug face Martz(edit.) you shortz

In Summary:

Beer Down!: We made it look like a game!

Remember; ThorCo is to blame, let's go gettem next week!

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