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NFL Power Rankings: The Chicago Bears drop after losing to the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears fall to 3-1 after losing to the Detroit Lions, and as would be expected, they also fall in the various NFL Power Rankings. Just how far? Continue reading to find out as we take a trip around the inter-webs...

"Na-na na-na boo boo, stick your head in do do, we beat the Bears!"
"Na-na na-na boo boo, stick your head in do do, we beat the Bears!"
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the final score indicated an eight point game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions, it really wasn't that close. As can be expected the Lions are moving up while the Bears are moving down in the NFL Power Rankings.

We begin our trip with the Mothership, SB Nation, who has the Bears at number five.

Just when we got all aflutter about Jay Cutler and Marc Trestman, the old version shows up to torpedo a game.

I hope this game doesn't lead to a Good Jay / Bad Jay narrative. Let's just call Jay what he is, a talented football player that is prone to a stinker game every now and again, just like about 75% of the NFL.

We'll stick with a few other SBN sites, and over at Cincy Jungle, they drop Chicago three spots, to six.

Seemed like a letdown game. How did this defense allow 40 points?

Inability to stop the run and/or tackle, Jay Cutler gave it away four times putting the D in poor field positions, and the special teams wasn't so special leading to more bad field position. Oh, was that a rhetorical question?

SBN's Dallas Cowboys site, Blogging the Boys has the Bears dropping four, down to eight.

The Bears trailed Detroit by 40-16 early in the fourth quarter, but that had as much to do with Jay Cutler as it did with the Lions: Cutler helped dig a hole for the Bears with three interceptions and a fumble, so it's not like the Lions simply outplayed the Bears, because in the end the Lions needed every little bit of that lead to hold off the late-charging Bears. Minus the mistakes, the Bears remain a very strong team.

That is some solid perspective from One Cool Customer.

Another eight ranking for the Bears from The Phinsider, who dropped them down from three.

Two of their three wins have come against Minnesota and Pittsburgh. This team is either rated way too high, or just had a really bad game against Detroit. Next week against the Saints will be a measuring stick.

Yes it will. If the Bears knock off the undefeated Saints, all will be well in Chicago.

We'll hit up one more of our SBN sister sites, and see how the Mile High Report has the Bears. I wonder if the site that covers Cutler's former team will sneak in a shot at Jay while explaining the Bears drop to nine?

Well, leave it to Jay Cutler to shine one weak and look like garbage the next. He is the ultimate hype killer for fans. I hope the Bears enjoyed their brief moment in my Top 5. It will be hard for the Bears to miss the playoffs with all that talent, but the ever underachieving Cutler could very well do that before this season is out.

While I can't speak for any of the Bears players or coaches in regards to their excitement level for making the Mile High Report's top 5, I can tell you that this Bears fan was really, really, really, excited that they had the Bears in such a lofty status.

I may need a moment to gather my thoughts now that the Mile High Report dropped the Bears...



OK, I'm good... Now on with some more Power Rankings.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports has Chicago at eight.

The Bears weren't going undefeated, and they had their first setback this week. It will be an opportunity for us to see how Marc Trestman handles his team after a defeat.

Oh so the loss is a great teaching moment for Coach Trestman, i.e. silver lining.

The Bears are down to seven, from four, at Fanspeak.

After 3 weeks of giving Cutler & Trestman a ton of credit, they faltered in a big way in Detroit. Cutler was a turnover machine and if the Bears want to compete for the North, they'll have to get their act together quickly.

Brian Billick of FOX Sports dropped Chicago three spots to seven.

The Bears gave up three sacks against the Lions on Sunday, the same amount they had given up in the previous three games combined. Couple that with the fact they were a lousy 1 for 13 on third downs and they are very lucky that they only lost by eight.

The Shutdown Corner at Yahoo Sports dropped Chicago all the way to ten.

Keep in mind: Christian Ponder almost led the Vikings to a victory against this Bears defense. And that came at Chicago. That's not a good sign.

Yikes, well when you put it that way...

What do you think of the rankings this week.

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