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Chicago Bears vs New York Giants (Pre-game Open Thread)

A quick pre-game Open Thread for you folks!

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Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Wondering how to stream tonight's Thursday Night Football game online?

If you do NOT have NFL Network available in your area, you can simply stream it for free right on their website: LINK

If you DO have NFL Network in your area, you have to have a subscription to access the game via television, mobile, app, tablet, etc.  On that same link, they explain how you can watch, but basically you can't for free without paying them.

Another alternative is to visit your local Buffalo Wild Wings (LINK to find the one nearest you) and watch there.  They should also have free wifi so you can still access WCG at super-fast speeds.

This is your Sunday Night Football Pre-Party Open Thread... Let's hang out here until kickoff.  Have fun!

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