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Bears-less NFL Week 6 Pre-Party Open Thread with TV maps

With the Bears off today because of a Thursday night victory, we're preparing for a day of rooting against everyone else in the NFC North for a little separation.

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I might have mentioned this a couple of times last year (you know, ample opportunity and all), but I don't like not having the Bears on Sunday. So, here's how I'm spending my Sunday this week (as well as the bye week in two weeks):

I participate in a friends and family team draft - there's a men's pool and a women's pool with eight participants each. We do a snake-draft of full teams, we get the team's scoring output and and extra 25 points if that team wins (and another 50 if you pick up four wins, so picking up same-division teams isn't exactly ideal, but it's not a deal-breaker). And payouts (it's pennies/a few bucks, nothing major) are done at the end of the year based against the average scoring of the pool.

So I currently sit in fifth place in my pool, but up against the average. It's weird, I know.

Either way, my draft picks this year from the 7th spot (so picking 7th, 10th, 23rd, and 26th) were the Bengals, Bears, Rams and Browns, in that order. My top teams were gone in the first six picks, and I wasn't exactly on the Seahawks bandwagon at the time, so I liked the Bengals as an AFC North candidate; of course I'd go for the Bears as soon as feasible, then the Browns were my dark horse candidate to actually do something/anything and the Rams were tough enough in division play last year that I thought they were worth a flier in the late third. I think I have the original draft sheet somewhere...

But anyway, with the Bears winning on Thursday, this is what my Sunday looks like:

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns

St. Louis Rams at Houston Texans

Too much to ask for the Browns to take out the Lions or the Rams to take out the Texans? By the way, it's really nice when my Bears' rooting interests align with my pool rooting interests.

(And for the record, my mom's in the women's pool; her first pick was the Packers. Her second pick was the Giants and she's in sixth in her pool. Instant karma, just add Packers. Just kidding; love you, mom.)

Here's the remainder of the NFC North schedule, since I've already mentioned the Lions game...

Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings


What does your Bears-less Sunday look like?

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