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NFL Week 6 Score Updates and Recap, NFC North Standings

As Sunday of Week 6 starts to wind down, we bring you up to date on what happened around the league.

Justin Edmonds

After a wild day of NFL action, all of nothing has changed for the Bears and the NFC North.

The Detroit Lions beat the Cleveland Browns and the Green Bay Packers hung on against the Baltimore Ravens to keep their positions in the North, and the Minnesota Vikings fell to the Carolina Panthers to maintain their last-place spot in the North.

Here's how the day shook out:

Green Bay Packers 19 - Baltimore Ravens 17

Cincinnati Bengals 27 - Buffalo Bills 24 (OT)

Detroit Lions 31 - Cleveland Browns 17

St. Louis Rams 38 - Houston Texans 13

Oakland Raiders 7 - Kansas City Chiefs 24

Carolina Panthers 35 - Minnesota Vikings 10

Pittsburgh Steelers 19 - New York Jets 6

Philadelphia Eagles 31 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

Jacksonville Jaguars 19 - Denver Broncos 35

Tennessee Titans 13 - Seattle Seahawks 20

New Orleans Saints 27 - New England Patriots 30

Arizona Cardinals 20 - San Francisco 49ers 32

On Sunday Night Football, with about two minutes left in the second quarter the Dallas Cowboys score another touchdown to lead the Washington Redskins 14-3. But of course, anything can happen as this game continues on.

Here's your up to the minute NFC North standings...

Detroit Lions - 4-2 (NEXT: Bengals)
Chicago Bears - 4-2 (NEXT: Redskins)
Green Bay Packers - 3-2 (NEXT: Browns)
Minnesota Vikings - 1-5 (NEXT: Giants)

What are your thoughts on the day's results?