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WSCR: Lovie Smith interviewed for USC Trojans head coaching position

Just as we were wondering what Lovie Smith has been up to lately, we hear that he's actually just interviewed for a pretty high-profile head coaching position... Just not in the NFL.


UPDATE: Lovie Smith's agent-son tweets:

It was rumored that Lovie Smith was taking the NFL season off to wait and see what would transpire at the head coaching level of many NFL teams (he'd obviously not have difficulty finding work as a defensive coordinator), and that makes a bit of sense.

After spending the last decade as a head coach, it wouldn't surprise if Lovie had already spoken with a few teams about potential future opportunities, and we know that there are a few NFL head coaches already on the 'hot seat' for this year.

With that said, apparently Smith recently went on a job interview, just not for a pro team. Apparently Mike Mulligan of WSCR was told that the former Chicago Bears head honcho interviewed for the very high-profile USC Trojans head coaching position, which was opened up when Lane Kiffin was relieved of his duties.

Lovie Smith is no stranger to college football, having spent more than a decade moving up through the college ranks before breaking into the NFL in the 1990's.

Would he go back to coaching college football? That's hard to imagine... Smith has established himself as one of the best defensive coaches in professional football, and as a well-respected leader by players he coaches. He is an old-school technique guy, soft-spoken, and a quiet figure to the public. Not really who you would anticipate being the next head coach of a team constantly in the spotlight. Lovie doesn't seem like a Southern California type of guy, right?

If USC were willing to pay close to the type of money that Smith could get in the NFL, then I suppose anything is possible, but it's just hard to imagine by all accounts. Lovie Smith is, at very least, an exceptional defensive coordinator at the NFL level, if not a good head coach.

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