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Where's Lovie Smith these days?

Lovie Smith had a few interviews this off season, but he ultimately wasn't a fit for what those NFL teams were looking for. So what's Lovie up to these days? The same as you and I, being a fan of football.


Andrew Lawrence, a writer for Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback, recently had the chance to sit down and catch up with former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith.

So what's Lovie up to these days?

He still lives in the Chicagoland area, suburban Lake Forest to be exact, and he's spending his time away from football being a family man, and a football fan. He's not hurting for money since the Bears let him go with time left on his contract, so he can afford taking some time before working again. And he will work again, just not at the college level.

Smith shot down the USC rumors that were floated earlier this week.

He has no interest in going back to school. "I'm a Pro coach," he says by way of a Tuesday morning text message-the capital P, his.

He has a garden on his property that he uses to maintain his healthy lifestyle, but Smith also has a wild side.

As for those blackberries growing in clusters on the backyard fence, a bunch met their end inside a giant mason jar on the kitchen table labeled BLACKBERRY BRANDY. Smith considers his purple potion and smiles wryly. "You gotta find a way to use 'em all up," he says.

Lovie Smith will coach again some day, and he'll no doubt find success, but for now he's content on just being a regular guy.

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