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Chicago Bears Vs Washington Redskins: NFL Week 7 Pre-Party Open Thread

The Bears take on the Redskins in Week 7; We're giving you some last minute links and getting you ready for the game!

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Feels like just last week we were going on about long weeks without the Bears. Oh wait, it was.

The Bears come back from ten days off to face the Redskins before taking the next fourteen days off, so heading into the bye week the Bears would really like to get there with five wins, especially with four division matchups including two against the Packers coming up after the bye.

The Redskins aren't any kind of pushover despite their 1-5 record at this time; they rushed for a season-high 216 yards last week against the Cowboys and seem to be rediscovering an offensive rhythm in both directions, and Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo are always defensive threats. Robert Griffin III has started running a bit more the last couple weeks, and that makes the play-action game all that more tough to handle.

For the Navy and Orange to take this one, they'll have to clamp down on the Redskins running game with a defensive line that hasn't performed all season and get a strong game in run support from Jon Bostic in his first start ever. Offensively, protecting Jay Cutler continues to be the theme; sustain drives until an opportunity arises to attack the secondary deep.


From the Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. Department of Self-Promotion, your WCG Linkage:

Kev's got the TV and other info here.

My six keys and PTMY can be found here.

Spongie's always excellent news roundup for the weekend can be found here. It's bolded for a reason. If you aren't reading his posts, you're missing out on all the good information he finds around the Internet. You can't use what you don't know. And knowing is half the battle. (G.I. Joeeeee!!)

Kevin Ewoldt shared some Redskins insight in our Five Questions With Hogs Haven.

And if you're looking for the injury report, that's here as well.


Some last minute linkage from around the Internet:

David Haugh thinks the Bears are holding Julius Peppers back.

ESPNChicago added their Five Things to Watch. Again, 6 > 5.

Marc Trestman says he enjoys rooting for guys like Alfred Morris. Except, ya know, when they're lined up against you.

And a couple re-flips from the Den's Late Additions:

Jay Cutler says the offense isn't where they want it to be. Something tells me this would be said if they were scoring touchdowns every play.

And Mike Shanahan taught Jay Cutler plenty of what he knows.


Procedures for today go as follows: The first quarter thread will pop up at noon with subsequent quarter threads appearing as the game progresses. Post-game, we'll have a recap up immediately with the late thread for the afternoon and night games.

Last week before the bye... Bear Down, my friends.


And this week marks the return of the pre-game Madden Stream. This week, it'll be just me myself and I (unless Sam jumps in later in the morning). So expect some randomness, some bad Madden and some football talk. If you have any questions, comments, things you want to say to my Internet face, bring it in the comments!

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