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Jay Cutler injury update: Chicago Bears QB knocked out of game vs Redskins

The Chicago Bears starting QB was knocked out of the game during the 2nd quarter on Sunday.

Patrick Smith

UPDATE: The team announced Cutler's injury is a groin, and he is questionable to return.  Good news is that it's not a bone.  Bad news is that it's damn groin.

UPDATE #2: Cutler ruled OUT for the remainder of Sunday's game versus the Redskins with a groin injury.


In the 2nd quarter of Sunday's contest versus the Washington Redskins, Jay Cutler dropped back on a 1st and 10 pass, and was sacked by defensive end Chris Baker.  There didn't seem to be any unusual contact during the sack, but Cutler injured what appeared to be his left hip/knee, and was immediately taken to the locker room for evaluation.

As Cutler walked off the field, you could see a very ginger limp on his left leg... It didn't look good.

Tony Siragusa stated that as Cutler made it into the tunnel, he stopped walking and could go no further.  He was then assisted into the locker room, and stated that his lower leg would be getting x-rays.

Veteran quarterback Josh McCown will take Cutler's place on the field.  McCown has been in the NFL for 12 seasons, with his last three being in Chicago.

With the second quarter winding down, Chicago trails Washington 17-10 in the nation's capitol.  Stay tuned for more updates on Cutler's injury as they are made available.