Robert embarasses himself further for charity

Hey folks!

So, this upcoming weekend I'll be doing my gaming marathon for Child's Play Charity at We marathon through the Halo franchise on the hardest level of difficulty, and do stupid stuff to help raise money. As we raise more money, we make the games harder by adding more modifiers to the series.

Personally, I've got a few things I'm willing to do. Put "hot shots" in a donation of $10 and I'll do a shot of hot sauces in increasing hot sauce during the weekend. Put "shave" in a donation of $50, and I'll shave a stripe down my head from two requested points (No eyebrows will be shaved) . And put "Bears" in a donation description and if we reach $250 total with that mentioned, I'll wear a Bears shirt every Sunday for the rest of the season and share a photo of me with my annoyed fellow Vikes fans. (Question: does getting a Grossman Unleash The Dragon shirt count?)

So, while I'd appreciate you donating out of the kindness of your heart, I'm not above humiliating myself to earn that money. I hope you can help out and thanks for your time. :)

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