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Bears bye week: Who will you be watching?

With the Bears resting and recovering on their bye this, which NFL teams will you be watching, if any?


The Bears get their bye week at just the right time, almost right in the middle of the season. They've played seven games and it's no secret that the team is reeling with injuries.

Now, most people here are not just Bears fans but also NFL fans, football fans. So with no Bears game to watch on Sunday, is there any one game you're looking forward to watching?

Maybe there is a certain team or player you like to watch play. Perhaps you want to watch a future Bears opponent to do a little bit of your own scouting.

Perhaps you have Redzone channel and are just going to watch scoring plays from all the games. Maybe you don't have Sunday Ticket or Redzone and will be simply stuck watching whatever game network television pipes into your local market.

If that last part is true for you, maybe you want to consult this map from It is subject to change so keep that in mind.

Or maybe you're such a diehard Bears fan that no other team will interest you so Sunday will be a day to catch up on the honey-do list, rake the leaves, make the kids' Halloween costumes or even do some early trick-or-treating (because yes, some communities hold theirs four days early).

For me living in Northern Indiana, usually we get both the Bears and Colts, but with both the teams on their bye it looks like I'll have New England-Miami, Dallas-Detroit and Denver-Washington. Of course I'll be tuning into Sunday Night Football to get a glimpse of the Green Bay Packers since they are the Bears' next opponent.

I'll be scouting the NFC North teams and keeping tabs on my five fantasy teams.

So what will you be doing Sunday?