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Monday Night Football Week 8: Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

Those Rams defenders look like the other kind of skittles.

Kevin Casey

The final game of week 8 has arrived as the 6-1 Seattle Seahawks travel to the 3-4 St. Louis Rams.  The Rams have lost their starting quarterback Sam Bradford to a torn left ACL suffered in last week's 30-15 loss to the Carolina Panthers, and will roll with backup Kellen Clemens, making his 13th career start.

There's been speculation as to whether or not Bradford will be back with the franchise next season or if the team will take the opportunity to move on from one of the last major rookie contracts prior to the new CBA.

On paper the Seahawks have too many weapons for this to be much of a game - if Marshawn Lynch doesn't get you, he'll create room for Russell Wilson to do what he does so well... as we found out last season.  That's without Percy Harvin, who is finally practicing but needs to regain some conditioning before he's ready to take some snaps.  On the other hand, as Jordon Garrettson points out in this preview, they have lost on two of their last three trips to St. Louis... can the Rams pull it off once more?

Don't forget, we visit the Rams in four games' time, on November 24th, after a three-game stretch of visiting the Green Bay Packers and hosting the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens. Long v. Long?

This is your Monday Night Football open thread... have fun!