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NFL Power Rankings: How did the bye affect the Bears?

The Chicago Bears are 4-3 and still very much in the mix for a playoff spot, but with key injuries, their chances are looking bleak. How will the NFL Experts weigh those injuries in their Power Rankings for this week?

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Brandon Marshall is sticking to his guns in saying Jay Cutler will return in 2 weeks.
Brandon Marshall is sticking to his guns in saying Jay Cutler will return in 2 weeks.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Now that NFL Power Rankers have had some time to digest the ramifications of the Chicago Bears losing both Lance Briggs and Jay Cutler, I wonder how they see their team this week?

Even at 4-3, and still in Wildcard contention, there were a few teams that won over the Bears bye weekend that could potentially push Chicago even further down.

The bottom line is that the haves and have nots in the NFL are starting to really distinguish themselves, so let's take our weekly peek around the various inter-web Power Rankings for the National Football League.

Kicking things off is the Mothership themselves, SBNizzle, who rank the Bears down at 17.

Joining the Steelers in a Wrong-Grail Kegstand was probably a bad idea for the Bears' D, as they have collapsed in sections this season. A similar collapse could be imminent on the offensive side if Josh McCown, scion of the Last Family of Football, isn't up to the challenge. The challenge has increased by the week, as the right side of the Bears' OL is allowing more pressure game by game. Forte and Marshall may be enough to batten down the hatches until Jay Cutler's return, but it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I have no idea what that means...

The Denver site, Mile High Report, has the Bears at 16.

The Bears had a Bye week. Though they will likely continue to trend downwards with no Jay Cutler in the lineup.

So they think the Bears will be bad without Jay Cutler? Aren't you the same site that slams Jay Cutler and the Bears when he is in the lineup? So who ya crappin?

If you like GIFs, Behind the Steel Curtain gave their entire Power Ranking list in GIF form! They had the Bears at 13.

This is what the end of every Jay Cutler season looks like.


Seriously go check out their list, there's some good stuff on there.

The fine folks at Revenge of the Birds and Cincy Jungle, both are keeping the Bears at 11 following the bye week. That was awful fair of them.

The New York Giants SBN site, Big Blue View, has it like so...

13. Chicago Bears (4-3): This defense, minus Lance Briggs, will have to step up in the absence of Jay Cutler on offense. (LW: 13)

Over at Blogging the Boys, they have the Bears at number 13.

After starting 3-0, the Bears started falling apart, even before Jay Cutler's injury. Jay Cutler may be out for at least four weeks, and they also lost Lance Briggs for six weeks. Now they've got Josh McCown who'll have to score enough points to make up for what their defense, sans Briggs, will give up. Good luck with that.

Yikes, and that scathing review was after moving the Bears up from 15 last week. I wonder how hard they'll crush the Bears if they drop to 4-4?

No movement to the Bears from Brian Billick at FOX Sports, he's keeping the Chicago at 13.

The Bears are coming off a Week 7 loss to the Redskins and now have to travel to Green Bay with a backup QB. Even after a bye week, that is a tough draw.

The Shutdown Corner of Yahoo Sports has the Bears moving up two spots to 14!

They're one of only 13 teams with a winning record, yet it seems like they're being written off. Let's see what Josh McCown can do. He has weapons to throw to.

Well, he has a point. This isn't Caleb Hanie leading the charge with Kahlil Bell, Roy Williams, Dane Sanzenbacher, and Kellen Davis circling the wagons.

Pete Pricso of CBS Sports is keeping the Bears at 12.

They've had so many injuries, but can they handle the Jay Cutler situation? I doubt it. Now they get the Packers.

You doubt it? Pete, please see above. #hatersgonnahate

We've yet to visit the draftnik site, Walter Football, to see where they have the Bears, and they have Chicago way down at #23.

The Bears have a poor defense, and now they have to be without Jay Cutler for a while. Sounds like a bottom-10 team to me.

By the way, the idea that Chicago will let Cutler walk this offseason seems so ridiculous. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I just think it's an incredibly stupid strategy. It's like "Derp dee derp, we haven't had quality play from the quarterback position for decades, so let's get rid of our one good quarterback, da derp dee derp da teetley derpee derpee dumb."

Was that quote taken directly from the WCG boards?

The USA Today has the Bears moving up 1 to 14.

Rude welcome: Josh McCown must keep pace with Rodgers, Stafford and Joe Flacco.

I think it's even ruder to mention Rodgers in the same sentence with Stafford and Flacco.

Here's how Fanspeak has it, Bears up one to 15.

The Bears had a week of rest, but now will have to rely on Josh McCown against the Packers this week with Cutler still out.

What do you guys think about the Bears rankings this week?

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