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Final Score: Chicago Bears fall to Detroit Lions 21-19

It was a tough game.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into today's game, there was a lot at stake. Jay Cutler was returning, many felt early, from a groin injury. The winner of this game would take sole possession of the NFC North. Matt Stafford had never won a game at Soldier Field.

And the Bears just couldn't quite do it.

Each team started the game with a TD drive, and Cutler looked impressive.  After those opening drives, it took a while to score any more points. More telling is the points not scored. Detroit missed a late field goal to give the ball back to the Bears with 6 minutes left. The Bears turned around and gave it back.

Cutler was clearly hurting through the second half of this game, and his inability to run may proved costly to the Bears on their second to last drive. For the two minute drill, McCown came in, because of an apparently ankle injury to Jay Cutler.

Final Stats:

Jay Cutler - 21/40, 250 yds, 1 TD, 1INT

Brandon Marshall - 7 rec, 139 yds, 2 TDs

Alshon Jeffery - 9 rec, 114 yds

Matt Forte - 17 car, 33 yards

The Lions now take first place in the NFC North, and the quarterback discussion will continue for days to come.