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Jay Cutler injury update: quarterback leaves game with ankle injury

After gaining a swollen hand, and apparently agitating his groin injury, Cutler is unable to finish the game because ankle?

David Banks

That about sums today up.

Jay Cutler, in a game that many said they didn't want to see him in, came out more injured than he was going into today.

Speculation is likely to abound.  Are they being generous with the ankle designation to help get ahead of the fact that Cutler was clearly feeling discomfort from the groin injury?

Cutler looked pretty solid in the first half, and things were rolling fairly well until a red zone interception at the half took points off the borad for the Bears. After halftime, he just looked different. By the end of the game, he could barely run.

Things don't look good for him, and a nagging ankle injury won't help. The Bears are slated to take on the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday, and we don't know who will start at quarterback for that game.

We'll keep you updated when we hear more.