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The Bears Den: November 11, 2013 - Week 10 Bears-Lions news and notes

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Bears' late comeback falls short against Lions - Larry Mayer:The Bears came up a yard short of sending Sunday's first-place clash against the Lions into overtime, but they had no one to blame but themselves for a frustrating 21-19 loss.

Cutler hampered by ankle injury in loss to Lions - Larry Mayer: Jay Cutler was replaced late in Sunday's loss to the Lions when it became clear an ankle injury would prevent him from moving well enough to operate a two-minute drill.

Bears self-destruction hurts more because it came vs. Lions - Moon Mullin: The Bears are 5-4 and trailing the Lions (6-3) almost irretrievably in the NFC North. It was a defeat in large part the Bears’ own fault.

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Chicago Bears 19, Detroit Lions 21

Megatron catches two TDs as Lions hold on to edge rival Bears - Game report and [Video] highlights from Box scores & game stats.

Larry Mayer's Game Blog - Senior Writer Larry Mayer delivers insights and analysis from Bears-Lions at Soldier Field.

Game review - The Tribune's drive-by-drive, game stats, and three Bears to note.

Lions take sole possession of first place in the NFC North - Patrick Finley: It took Cutler only five plays to score in his return from a torn left groin muscle suffered three weeks ago, but he looked increasingly uncomfortable in the second half.

Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright with a few thoughts on the Bears' 21-19 loss to the Lions on Sunday at Soldier Field.

Rapid Reaction - Dan Durkin's thoughts in the immediate aftermath of Bears-Lions.

Game review - Jeff Dickerson with five things we learned during the Bears' 21-19 loss.

[Video] Jeff Dickerson & Michael C. Wright - JD and Michael C. Inaudible break down the Bears' 21-19 loss to the Lions.

Questionable decisions big part of Bears' loss to Lions - Bob LeGere: Cutler played as long as he could before giving way to McCown, whose outstanding relief effort came up just short in a 21-19 loss to the Lions that knocked the Bears out of first place.

Missed touchdowns prove costly for Bears - Mark Potash: If the Bears fall short of the playoffs, regardless of how it happens, they will lament a home game they should have won.

Bad run game costs Bears - Dan Bernstein: All game the Bears lacked pace and rhythm, due to repeated failures to move the ball via any way other than Cutler hanging in long enough to chuck it toward a mostly-covered receiver.

Bears unable to control line in loss - Rich Campbell: Long faces among the O-linemen in the locker room after the game exposed the heart of this defeat.

Bears' loss to Lions a story of missed opportunities - Dan Wiederer: The Bears' failed two-point conversion attempt in the final minute was just the last of several missed opportunities they had to change the outcome of their 21-19 loss.

Marshall, Jeffery make life tough on Lions defense - Fred Mitchell: Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery combined for 253 receiving yards in Sunday's loss against the Lions.

Four Downs - Rich Campbell: Missed opportunities; too many missed blocks; Cutler limited; defense comes up short.

Game notes - Larry Mayer: Conte produces three key plays in defeat; lack of execution on two-point conversion; both wideouts top 100 yards; more from the game.

Game notes - Seth Gruen: Forte has worst output of season as run game stalls; Tillman-Megatron sequel; more game notes.

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin and Jen Lada talk Cutler, McCown in Bears loss.

Game notes - takes a look at some stats and facts from Sunday's game against the Lions.

Game notes - Bob LeGere: McCown 'dang proud' of Cutler; Cutler unsure of ankle's prognosis; youth on defense.

Game notes - Adam Hoge: Lions knew run was coming on 2-pt conversion; running game struggles; defensive improvement; missed opportunities; other game notes.

Game notes - Dan Wiederer: Forte held to season-low 33 yards; more from the game.

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Cutler Groinwatch 2013 / "Anklegate"

Trestman’s decision to stick with Cutler cost Bears the victory - Rick Morrissey: This one is on Trestman. With a hobbled, deteriorating Cutler slowing down the offense in the second half Sunday, his coach should have replaced him with McCown.

Bears should have seen McCown gave team best chance to win - Mike Imrem: Cutler demonstrated a lot of guts by playing in a lot of pain. Marc Trestman demonstrated poor judgment in letting his starting QB play at all and especially to play as long as he did.

Trestman non-call on Cutler leaves broader questions - Moon Mullin: The decision to start Cutler just 21 days after he suffered a torn groin was not the mistake. The mistake lay in staying with a player with an ankle injury and who no longer gave his team the best chance to win.

Cutler struggles with ankle injury, own performance - Rich Campbell: Injured QB Jay Cutler checked with Trestman and McCown for feedback throughout second half on whether he was getting the job done.

Trestman drops ball letting Cutler play so long - David Haugh: At some point, an NFL head coach must save an injured player from himself and his team from that player. Trestman took 57 minutes, 43 seconds to realize it.

Not Trestman's best decision - Steve Rosenbloom: Trestman has made many great decisions to put the Bears in position to win games this season. On Sunday, he made one that cost his team exactly that.

Cutler courageous? No question. The right move? In question. - Chris Boden: Hindsight's 20/20, but there were enough concerns leading up to the decision to go ahead and start Cutler, rather than give him another week.

Cutler's toughness impresses Detroit - Joe Aguilar: Despite admitting he "couldn't move around, couldn't be as mobile," Cutler never once left the field while the Bears were on offense until late in the game. Jake Flannigan: Lions D says Bears' Cutler 'one of the toughest in the league'.

When toughness isn't enough - Jon Greenberg: Cutler doesn't need people to pat him on the back for being a tough guy. But the Bears needed this win. McCown was the better option. Maybe not to start the first half, but certainly to start the second one.

[Video] PostGame Live - Was Cutler in too long?

Cutler has sprained ankle - Michael C. Wright: Initial tests, done at Soldier Field, came back negative, according to Marc Trestman. But the team won't know the full extent of the injury until Monday.

Skepticism hovers over loss to Lions - Adam Hoge: Cutler’s injuries weren’t the only things not adding up on Sunday.

Bears should be cautious with QBs - Michael C. Wright: Depending on the severity of Cutler’s left ankle, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rest him a week, which is probably what the Bears should have done instead of playing him Sunday.

Cutler not exactly fragile, but increasingly injury-prone - Rick Telander: What difference does it make what part of Cutler was injured? He couldn’t finish the game, and that is becoming an increasingly common sight.

Even in loss, Trestman backs Cutler - Barry Rozner: If you’re looking for clues about Cutler’s future with the Bears and Trestman’s fondness for No. 6, look no further than the last four days.

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin's thoughts on Trestman's Cutler decision, and is the defense improving?


Conte, Bears' D respectable in defeat - Jeff Dickerson: Despite suffering another key injury this week, the defense managed to put forth a respectable effort in Sunday’s 21-19 loss to the Lions.

Defeat not on the defense - Adam L. Jahns: Despite having to lean on five rookies this defeat isn’t on the defense, and that’s something that hasn’t been said too much this season.

Conte confidently comes back - Bob LeGere: A ghastly missed tackle on Reggie Bush's 39-yard run made Conte and the Bears' defense look bad, but he bounced back with some impact plays later in the game.

Bears had their chances to beat Lions - Brad Biggs: The Bears had plenty of chances to beat the Lions on Sunday and failed, but if there was a silver lining, it was the improved play of safety Chris Conte.

More from the game

[Video] PostGame Live - Opening Kickoff: PGL second-guess Trestman's calls.

Marshall’s big game foiled by hated Lions - Patrick Finley: After catching seven passes for a game-high 139 yards, Marshall even wondered — is this blasphemous? — if the Lions might be more hated than the Packers.

[Video] X&Os - Eric Allen breaks down two key plays that helped the Lions defeat the Bears.

Bears quotes - Inside the locker room with quotes from Coach Trestman and Bears players.

Bears quotes - Tribune: Bears players talk about their 21-19 loss Sunday to the Lions.

[Video] - The FOX NFL Sunday crew on the NFC North: The Bears aren't out of it.

Game grades

Game grades - Joe Aguilar hands out footballs.

[Video] PostGame Live - The PGL crew with their Monsters of the Midway. Boden is easily pleased.

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