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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears win to go 6-4, but do they move up?

It's time for our weekly trip around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears have ended up in various NFL Power Rankings this week. After a tough victory over the defending champs, let's find out...

Jonathan Daniel

The Mothership says #12...

With their backs to the wall, the Bears outlasted a two-hour deluge and then out-fought the Ravens to claim a vital home victory. Josh McCown made just enough hay with Alshon Jeffery while a struggling defense turned back the clock with a pick-six among two interceptions of Trent Dilfer Joe Flacco. Jay Cutler's return will be welcomed, but he might not represent a huge upgrade over Josh McCown's strong play. If whoever is under center can keep Jeffery and Brandon Marshall fed, they might pull out enough shootouts down the stretch to nab a very winnable NFC North. (Last Week: 15)

Firing a shot at the Dilf and Flacco in the same sentence? Well played.

Sticking with a few other SB Nation sites;

What are the odds the Mile High Report takes a shot at Jay Cutler as they keep the Bears at 13?

Jay Cutler plays football and the Bears lose. Jay Cutler sits on the bench and the Bears win. I think we all know what this means. The coaching staff will immediately put Cutler back in as soon as he is healthy. That's just how coaches roll.

Keep in mind that the Mile High readers would have rather had Tim Tebow than Peyton Manning back in March of 2012. According to their poll, 52% of their over 3,000 respondents, would have went with the "winner" Tim Tebow over one of the best QBs to ever play the game, albeit coming off neck surgery, Peyton Manning.

Bronco fans... 'nuff said...

Bears are staying at #11 according to Cincy Jungle.

Josh McCown gets another week as Jay Cutler is still on the mend. Way to pull one out against the Ravens.

Chicago up 1 to 11, according to Blogging the Boys.

In five hours and twenty minutes of weather-delayed overtime football, the Bears scraped out a win to move up to 6-4, not bad considering their injury situation. The Bears face the Rams next, and could potentially make a move more first place in the NFC North.

Philly's Bleeding Green Nation has the Bears like so.

10) Chicago Bears (LW: 11) - The weather didn't prevent a Bears win at home. Jay Cutler was injured yet again, but his backup has looked capable.

The guys at Behind The Steel Curtain always do something a bit different, this week they take to Twitter for their rankings. Click here for the fun details, and they had the Bears at 12 by the way.

Miami's The Phinsider has the Bears at numero siete.

What a completely strange game. But, a win over the defending Super Bowl champs is always nice.

Now onto some non-SBN rankings, and Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports has the Bears just out of the top 10.

11. Chicago Bears: Josh McCown is as fine a backup QB as there is in the NFL. He can win games and I can't say that for most backups. The injuries on defense are going to be a problem.

I'm surprised ESPN had time to compile their rankings this week, what with the hubbub surrounding the Patriots. They did, and they moved the Bears up 1 to 10.

Josh McCown deserved the win, especially considering the conditions. McCown was 6-of-10 deeper than 10 yards downfield, including a big 28-yard throw to Martellus Bennett on the winning drive.

Stick that in your noodle armed pipe and smoke it.

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner has the Bears staying at 11.

The Lions have the easier remaining schedule and the tiebreaker, but the Bears aren't going away despite a pretty bad defense.

The Lions also should have beaten the Steelers, but we saw how that went.

How about a trip to the New York post?

12. Bears (17): Don't look now, but the schedule and Aaron Rodgers' bum shoulder make them the NFC North front-runner.

Brian Billick of FOX Sports poses an interesting question while moving the Bears up to nine...

Is there a QB controversy in Chicago?


We have one more late addition, Fanspeak has the Bears at #11.

Josh McNown continues to play well for the Bears as he helped Chicago get by the Ravens in Sunday's home win. How long he can keep playing this way is a fair question, but with the weapons he has he has a chance. Chicago's next two games are very winnable and could help put the Bears in a great position to make the postseason this year.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rankings this week?

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