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Chicago Bears Six-Pack Keys to Victory Over the Packers

The Bears take on the Packers on Monday night in a key divisional matchup suffering from a couple of key injuries. We look at six keys for the Bears to pull out a win against the Pack.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1) We Mean Defense on Paper, Not Paper Defense!

Remember when the Bears were going to have a great (or at least still respectable) defense on paper? Well, it's pretty much turned into paper over the last few games. Small sample size, possibly - however, even though the Bears have shown an ability to put points on the board, it's still hard to win games the more points you have to score. Overall, the defense just has to play better. Period.

2) Khaseem Briggs

Khaseem Greene, the rookie fourth-rounder, gets to make his first career start after playing mostly on special teams over the first seven games. He takes over for the injured Lance Briggs and lines up next to Jon Bostic, slotting in for the likewise-(albeit-done-for-year)-injured DJ Williams. Briggs was missing a fair amount of tackles himself this year, but his injury still matters plenty as the young linebackers will have to step up to stop a Packers running game that's actually done some things this year instead of being an afterthought.

3) Up Front

But again, the Bears' defense starts with the pass rush, and this year, it's the lack thereof that's caused the most problems. Defensive line play has done next to nothing this season, and the unit's been beset by injuries. Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know, but my point remains the same - the Bears' defense won't get anywhere without the defensive line getting off blocks and making plays.

4) Keep Matt Forte Involved

The Packers' run defense has been more solid this season, but Matt Forte can still do things in the passing game; and with a pass rush like the Packers, getting the ball out to Forte on a screen or swing pass can open up the passing game. And with how the Bears' receivers can block after the catch, Forte could come in big with a backup quarterback at the helm.

5) Stick To Your Guns

With Jay Cutler out, Josh McCown still has Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett, Alshon Jeffery, and the aforementioned Forte to distribute the ball to. They can still make some plays; get the ball to them and let them work.

6) Sustained Drives

Sometimes the best defense against a great offense is to try to not let that offense see the field through dominating time of possession. Especially when that defense hasn't done much and the offense is driving the team. Josh McCown's not Jay Cutler, but if he can keep the ball in the Bears' hands, make reads and key conversions, the Bears can at least keep the ball out of the hands of the Packers' offense.