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Precision Play of the Week: Robbie Gould's game-winning field goal in overtime

It was a long, long game, but finally ended on a great kick by veteran Robbie Gould

David Banks

The Chicago Bears contest versus the Baltimore Ravens started at 1pm ET, and ended about five and a half hours later.  Not only was there a weather delay that sent everyone to shelter for almost two hours, but of course the game had to also end up in overtime.

Bears fans have been lucky through the years to have such a dependable Kicker in Robbie Gould, and on Sunday, were able to send him out with confidence when the game was on the line.

Five and a half hours, terrible weather that included tornados and hail, and the longest game in modern day Chicago Bears history were nothing for Gould, who trotted onto the field and kicked a 38-yard field goal to lift the Bears to a 23-20 victory over last year's Super Bowl champions.

For this feat, Gould has been awarded this week's Precision Play of the Week.  Congrats, Robbie!

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