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Chicago Bears vs St. Louis Rams: Pregame Open Thread

It's game day! Join us below for some last-minute updates from today's Chicago Bears matchup versus the Rams.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Howie Long was given his first Sunday off in 20 years, and for good reason... His two sons, 28 year old defensive end Chris Long, and 24 year old right guard Kyle Long, will be on the same field for the first time in their lives.

Peter King has an excellent article on the subject HERE.  An excerpt:

"He was under a microscope, for sure,'' said Chris. "And at the time, when he was fighting his problems, I was worried. I was scared. I love him as much as I love anyone. But he fought and he came out of it, and I am so proud of him as a man. Forget football. I am just proud of the person he has become.''

Make sure to give that article a read...

Other stuff:

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This is your Bears vs Rams pre-party Open Thread... feel free to drop any other nuggets of info you wish below.

Have fun!