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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears dropping

The Chicago Bears are tied for the NFC North lead at 6-5, but they sure don't look like a team with playoff aspirations. Let's see how the Bears are sitting according to the various Power Rankings around the World Wide Web.

Dilip Vishwanat

As we do every week, we start off with our parent site, SB Nation. They moved the Chicago Bears down to number 18.

The Chicago D turned back the clock last week with a critical defensive score. This week, they just turned stomachs among the Bears faithful en route to surrendering a horrifying 258 rushing yards and 42 points. Josh McCown continues to ball out in relief of Jay Cutler and the Lions keep refusing to pull away from the pack in the North, but they'll be hard pressed to keep pace down the stretch with their defense burning down around their ears. (Last Week: 12)

And now we'll meander our way around a few of our sister sites on the SBN network, starting with our resident Jay Cutler bashing Mile High Report who dropped the Bears one spot to 14.

So the Bears and Lions are doing everything they can to keep the AFC North within a game of wherever the Packers are. It appears they both know that once Aaron Rodgers is back, his team will deserve to get to the playoffs more than either the Bears or Lions. I am glad they are doing us all a favor by doing that too.

What, no shot fired at Jay this week? Then I sincerely apologize for my weekly assumption. But psst... Bears are in the NFC North...

The Big Blue View has it like this.

14. Chicago Bears (6-5): Despite the loss to St. Louis, Chicago shares the division lead. Like with Rodgers and the Pack, Cutler's return could be the catalyst. (LW: 11)

Over at Cincy Jungle they have the Bears at 15.

In the NFC North, no one wants to take the lead. The Bears need to get healthy.

I do wonder if a healthy Bears D would be at least middle of the road, and if a 15th ranked defense coupled with a top 10 Bears offense, would have this team in a much better position in the AFC NFC North.

The SBN site that covers the Philadelphia Eagles, Bleeding Green Nation, has the Bears like so.

13) Chicago Bears (LW: 10) - The Bears are fourth in points allowed (28.1 per game), but have a winning record. This is clearly not the Bears defense of recent years.

#BlameUrlacher or #BlameEmery

Over at Blogging the Boys, they have the Bears down from 11 to 15.

Still reeling from the Jay Cutler injury, the biggest problem for the Bears are the errors. They gave up three turnovers and a 65 yard run for a score. Detroit has left the door open, but it is an open question whether they can take advantage.

As good as Josh McCown has played, the Bears have scored more points with Jay Cutler under center. Call it a coincidence, call it an anomaly, but that's a fact that the Vegas odds makers are attuned to.

The guys at Revenge Of The Birds has Chicago dropping from nine to 13.

Another defeat for the Bears means they fail to extend their lead in the NFC North, which like the East, has no clear superior. Taken apart by the Rams in Week 12 does not make good viewing for Bears fans, and it looks like they'll have to win the division if they want to make the play-offs.

I agree, they'll be no wild card for the Bears in the NFC this season. It's AFC NFC North champs or bust!

Brian Billick of FOX Sports drops the L word, and slides the Bears down six places to #15.

The Bears have now given up 40-or-more points three times this season. In Lovie Smith's nine seasons as head coach, the Bears gave up 40-or-more points just four times.

I was as big a fan of Lovie Smith as anyone, but he wouldn't have been able to do much with this injury riddled defense.

They really shove that QBR down your throat at ESPN. They have the Bears at 14 by the way...

Josh McCown has the best Total QBR among qualified quarterbacks this season (81.0), just as everyone predicted when Jay Cutler went down.

The Shutdown Corner of Yahoo Sports sums it up quite nicely.

13. Chicago Bears (6-5, LW: 11)
The Lions are trying to give them the division. On Sunday, they just refused to take it.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports moves the Bears down two spots, to 15.

That defense is a shell of what we've come to expect. The Rams ran right through them and now they get Adrian Peterson. Ouch.

I think setting the over/under on Peterson's yards at 200 is too low.

We have a late addition to the rundown, Fanspeak has the Bears at 14.

This was a tough loss for the Bears as they came in facing a struggling a team with a back-up quarterback. With the Packers struggling, Chicago had a prime chance to really put themselves in the running for the division and remain in the wild card hunt. The Bears defense really collapsed in this game and they weren't able to get this crucial win.

What do you guys think about the Power Rankings this week?

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