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NFL Thanksgiving Open Thread: Packers and Lions battle in NFC North

Join us below for our Turkeyday Open Thread!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We've got three games slated today, with the NFC North kicking things off.

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions - 12:30pm ET - FOX

Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys - 4:30pm ET - CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens - 8:30pm ET - NBC

The current NFC North looks like this:

Lions 6-5

Bears 6-5

Packers 5-5-1

Vikings 2-8-1

The Lions hold the tiebreaker over Chicago due to beating the Bears twice this season, and the Bears beat Green Bay earlier this season. The Packers and Bears will close out the regular season in Week 17 at Soldier Field. Like it or not, this week the Bears would most benefit from a Packers victory, but depending on how you see the North shaking out in the long run (with Aaron Rogers coming back at some point), it might make better sense to throw as many losses at the Packers now as possible.

This is your Turkeyday Open Thread... Have fun!