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The Bears Den: November 29, 2013 - Week 13 news & Bears-Vikings previews

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Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Larry discusses how many Hester TDs have been nullified by penalties, where Forte ranks in the NFL in rushing since he entered the league, and the Bears' record when winning the turnover battle.

No antagonism between 'O' and 'D' with Trestman Bears - Moon Mullin: Teams where one side of the ball is performing at a very high level can start to splinter. It is decidedly not happening with the 2013 Bears, for some interesting reasons.

Bears' defensive woes can be traced to pedigree - Chris Boden: Mel Tucker can teach and preach and go over film, but at some point rookies and guys off the street just aren't as capable of winning one-on-one battles to make it all work, from a physical, and talent, standpoint.

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Bears-Vikings previews

McCown relives big day against Vikings - Michael C. Wright: Josh McCown knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs with a last-second TD pass in 2003. Dan Wiederer: McCown has demonstrated he has what it takes.

Matt Bowen: Scouting the Bears - Tall receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery can burn the Vikings on high throws from Josh McCown in the red zone.

Ratliff, Paea will strengthen Bears’ run defense - Patrick Finley: Proven veterans bring a dynamism the Bears have been missing while starting off-the-street free-agent signees and a converted DE in the middle.

Paea, Ratliff could restore Bears’ run defense - Moon Mullin: The Bears ranked ninth against the run when Melton went down in week 3. Since then, as the interior defense suffered its weekly injury catastrophe, the rushing defense has dropped every week but one.

Task gets tougher for Bears struggling defense - Bob LeGere: The league's worst run defense meets Adrian Peterson, the NFL's reigning MVP.

Singletary: All Day might one day eclipse Walter Payton - Chris Tomasson: While Singletary isn't ready now to give any back the nod over Payton, he said he will gladly reassess matters at the end of Peterson's career. Has 10,000 yards in his sights.

Hester looks to build on record-breaking outing - Larry Mayer: The Bears are hoping that Devin Hester can build on his record-breaking performance earlier this season against the Vikings in Sunday's rematch in Minnesota, but it won't be easy.

[Video] Game preview - Jeff Dickerson, Michael C. Wright and Tom Waddle on the Bears' upcoming matchup against the Vikings.

[Video] Game preview - Moon Mullin breaks down Bears-Vikings.

Injury news - Michael C. Wright: Jeremiah Ratliff expects to play his first football game in more than a year Sunday, coinciding with the likely return of Stephen Paea; more injury news.


Feisty Kyle Long has to maintain his cool - Mark Potash: The Bears want Kyle Long to be a little smarter than he was last week when he drew a 15-yard penalty and a $7,875 fine from the NFL. But they still want him to be Kyle Long.

Michael Bush not simply Bears' short-yardage back - Jen Lada: Call him what he is: the guy who spells the starter. Not some short yardage specialist.

Gould kick-starts Bears offense - Brad Biggs: Place-kicker is closing in on the NFL's FG percentage record, having made 227 of 263 attempts while playing in the league's worst stadium for kicking.

Joniak's Journal - Jeff Joniak on Jeremiah Ratliff, the O-line rookies, and the Vikings' use of AP.

X&Os - Adam Hoge: Opponents are taking advantage of common problems on the Bears' defense that are easy to see on film.

[Video] - Tom Thayer breaks down two defensive plays against the Rams that were successful because of the unpredictability of the LBs lining up with the D-linemen.

Team notes - Dan Wiederer: Ratliff expected to play Sunday, eager to make Bears debut; more injury news; Trestman encouraging players to get away from football to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Team notes - Patrick Finley: Bears, Forte not worried knee injury will keep him out Sunday; Earl Bennett’s opportunistic day; more injury news.

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Polish sausage

NFL Health & Safety - Jeff Fedotin: As the Cowboy Collar heads toward extinction, several current Bears explain why.

Know thy enemies - Packers 10, Lions 40: Game report and [Video] highlights from Gregg Rosenthal: Can Packers still make the playoffs?

Know thy enemy: Lions - FOX Sports: What was the world US like the last time the Lions won on Thanksgiving?

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