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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears win, but how far will they move up?

Is the Power of the NFC North shifting? The Chicago Bears move to 5-3 and a three way tie in the division. Jay Cutler is set to return next week and Aaron Rodgers is about to miss some time. Check out our trip around the various NFL Power Rankings to see where the Bears are.

Mike McGinnis

We kick things off as we do every week in our visit around the NFL Power Rankings, with the Mothership of SB Nation, who have the Chicago Bears at 15.

The pall that settled over Halas Hall with Jay Cutler's groin injury lifted a bit on Monday Night, as Josh McCown led the Bears to their first win at Lambeau Field since ... Josh McCown was starting somewhere? McCown played well -- aided and abetted by his monstrous pair of wideouts -- but things figure to take another step forward if Cutler is able to return in Week 10. The defense still has a lot to prove against actual NFL QBs (sorry, Seneca) and got mauled on the ground yet again. If Cutler's back healthy they could win a shootout or two. Which is just a weird thing to say about the Bears. (Last Week: 17)

Sticking with a few other SBN sites, the Power Rankers at Mile High Report has the Bears moving down one spot to 17, and they also take their weekly shot at Jay Cutler.

Without Jay Cutler, this team seems a little better doesn't it? Put up a 40-burger against the Redskins then went into Lambeau and put a hurting on the Rodgers-less Packers. Brandon Marshall also picked up his game.

It's been five years since Denver's head coach actively tried to replace Cutler. Five years... Time to move on...

The guys at Cincy Jungle keep Chicago at 11.

Big win for the Bears in the division. Beating the Packers in Green Bay is rare, they were helped with an early Rodgers injury

Let's see where Big Blue View has the Bears...

12. Chicago Bears (5-3): Josh McCown's success is a testament to Marc Trestman's coaching. (LW: 13)

At this point if you're still skeptical of Marc Trestman, you need to take a Football 101 class.

Sticking with the SBN NFC East sites, Bleeding Green Nation has the Bears in the top ten.

9) Chicago Bears (LW: 12) - Josh McCown played pretty well for a backup. Crucial victory for the Bears.

And the Dallas Cowboys SBN site, Blogging The Boys, has some good perspective in keeping the Bears at 13.

The Bears won the battle of the backup quarterbacks against the Packers and now find themselves in a three-way tie for fist place in the NFC North. Hard to evaluate until Jay Cutler comes back. Josh McCown is, well, Josh McCown.

Bears are up two to 13 according to Fanspeak.

Back-up QB Josh McCown played excellent and led the Bears to a huge win over their rivals, the Packers on Monday Night. Yes, the Packers were without Aaron Rodgers, but it was still a huge win and puts them right back in the NFC North race. And even better, it looks like Jay Cutler will return to face the Lions this week in Chicago.

Moving up five spots for another top ten appearance, ESPN has Chicago at nine.

Why did Chicago win the battle of the backups? Matt Forte ran for nine first downs, including five on the Bears' 18-play, 80-yard final drive. Will Jay Cutler join him Sunday?

Did it really take this long for someone to mention Matt Forte?

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports sees it like so...

12. Chicago Bears: The Bears get a big win over the Packers and backup QB Josh McCown was fantastic. Jay Cutler is due back this week and this team is on the move up the board.

Chicago up three to eleven according to

Maybe, just maybe, people will start to value the quality of their backup quarterbacks. The position never seems to be a salary-cap consideration, or enough of one anyway. Name five backup quarterbacks you'd rather have than Josh McCown at this point.

Ok, I'll play. Dan LeFevour, Nathan Enderlee, Matt Blanchard, Kyle Orton, and for the heck of it, Tim Tebow.

Just Kidding...

Bears up according to Yahoo too.

12. Chicago Bears (5-3, LW: 14)
The defense is truly bad, but Marc Trestman is doing a nice job. Going for it on fourth and inches from his own 33 on Monday night was bold, and it was a turning point in the win.

So now it's your turn, do you think the Bears are a top 10 team?

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