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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2013: Week 9 vs. Green Bay Packers

Even with a new signal caller under center, the pass protection of the Chicago Bears is still looking good. Would you believe the Bears are 14 sacks under last season's pace?

Josh McCown had a nice clean pocket most of the day
Josh McCown had a nice clean pocket most of the day
Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears caught a break by not having to face Clay Matthews, but the Packers still had 12 other players that picked up a sack in 2013, and their 23 as a team through seven games isn't too shabby.

Only allowing one sack to a Dom Capers coordinated defense is always a good thing, so let's see where we stand in the Sackwatch.


Sackwatch after 8 games
2010 - 32 (Martzfense)
2011 - 21 (Martzfense)
2012 - 28 (Mike Tice O)
2013 - 12 (TCO)

Sack 12 - First Quarter 4:18 Datone Jones
Would it be weird that the guy credited with making the sack, Datone Jones (#95), was nowhere near the guy I'm pinning the sack on, Jordan Mills?

I could have put this sack in the Sacks Happen category, but it was the mistake from Mills that led directly to the sack. See for yourself.

Jones wasn't even blocked on the play because it looked as though the Packers had him spying Josh McCown. At 6'5" 285 pounds, he's a very large spy. Jones is listed as a defensive end, but the Packers have been moving him around the defense a bit. Using him as an inside pass rusher, and as on this occasion, standing him up like a linebacker. He popped off a 4.8 forty at the combine, so he has some speed.

The Packers initially only rushed three on the play, but when when linebacker A.J.Hawk noticed Chicago running back Matt Forte sticking to pass block, Hawk attacked. He must have been assigned Forte on the play, because as Forte released, Hawk had to redirect and cover him.

Back to Mills. His initial set was good, but as Mike Neal (#96) attacked, Mills lunged. Some times when a tackle overextends himself, he does so because he gets overanxious. Neal kind of hesitated before his rush, and that could have caused Mills to get jumpy. Mills has to keep his base, extend his hands, maintain balance, and keep Neal in front of him.

It was a shotgun formation for the 3rd and 8 play, and then McCown took a five step drop. Such a deep drop tells me the Bears had at least one player running a long developing pass route. Maybe a deep dig, or something with a double move. Five of the players in Chicago's pass protection held up their end, while Mills did not. That's why he's getting the blame for this one.

Sackwatch Totals after 8 Games

Sacks Happen - 3
Jay Cutler - 2
Kyle Long - 1.25
Jordan Mills - 1.25
Matt Slauson - 1
Matt Forte - 1
Martellus Bennett - 1
Jermon Bushrod - 1
Roberto Garza - .25
Josh McCown - .25

What are your thoughts on the pass protection through eight games?

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