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Online poll says fans want Josh McCown to start over Jay Cutler versus Lions

After injuring his groin two weeks ago, Jay Cutler is back in the saddle. But do Chicago Bears fans think it's too soon?

Jonathan Daniel

When starting quarterback Jay Cutler went down two weeks ago with a groin injury, many Chicago Bears fans took to the internet and radio to voice their concerns. Turns out, the fast-healing Cutler, who was initially expected to miss at least four weeks, is ready to go after resting during the Bye week and sitting out the game versus the Packers.

Josh McCown stepped in and did well... Well enough that an online poll conducted by the Chicago Sun-Times was largely in favor of McCown getting the start again this week.

QB - Votes - Percent
Jay Cutler - 330 - 29.31%
Josh McCown - 753 - 66.87%
Tim Tebow - 25 - 2.22%
Other - 13 - 1.15%
Jordan Palmer - 5 - 0.44%

Focusing primarily on Cutler versus McCown, do you think these results are based on trust that MCown could hold down the fort until Cutler is farther removed from his injury, or because fans genuinely think McCown is a better quarterback at this point?

We know Cutler is in a contract year, and is still working to prove himself to Marc Trestman... Perhaps the new head coach already has his mind made up about whether Cutler is his quarterback of the future, and maybe the jury is still out.

But what we do know is that Cutler has been cleared to play this Sunday versus the Lions, and McCown will resume his role as a backup.

In light of the Sun-Times poll, we've throw our own up to gauge this community's thought process. Who would you rather see starting this Sunday?