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Chicago Bears' Six-Pack Keys to Victory Against the Lions

The Bears rematch the Lions on Sunday; we're giving our keys to the matchup.


As you might expect, there's not a whole lot of change between my piece from week 4 of the season (aka the first matchup against the Lions) and my piece this week. Just to reiterate, six weeks ago (that long?), my keys were...

1) Getting Off the Bus Running
2) Build Short to Deep
3) Calvin Johnson
4) Joseph Fauria
5) Reggie Bush
6) Alshon Jeffery
Bonus) Defensive Line

And this week, I don't exactly have much to change. Calvin Johnson is still an integral part (in the way that wheels might be conducive to having a car move) of what the Lions do on offense, along with Reggie Bush, but as the Lions have lost second wide receivers, Kris Durham and Brandon Pettigrew have continued to step in as alternate options.

So for this week, I'll add...

1) Protect Jay Cutler!

Thankfully, this is one we haven't much had to list out. But I'm listing it this week because Ndamukong Suh exists and Cutler is coming off an injury. Suh's a good football player, who has three and a half sacks rushing from the interior. He's also shown a heavy propensity to get called for personal fouls as well as some questionable action after the whistle. Cutler's the quarterback on the Bears that's got the bigger-play potential, and keeping him upright and away from Suh will be paramount to the Bears' continued success against the division.

2) The Black Unicorn

Martellus Bennett's put together a really solid season so far. As a third option to some combination of Brandon Marshall, Jeffery and Matt Forte, he still does some scary things to teams, and he can get open in the middle of this Lions' defense, especially if the Lions' pass rush sans Ziggy Ansah doesn't get home.

What are some of your other keys for this rematch?