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Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: NFL Week 13 Pre-Party Open Thread

The Bears take on the Vikings this week; we're getting you ready for the game!

Michael Thomas

With the Detroit Lions decimation of the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, the Bears find themselves back a full game plus the tiebreaker in the NFC North. In order to keep pace with the Lions, the Bears have to take on the Minnesota Vikings. With the Vikings at 2-8-1 on the season, you wouldn't think this would be a bad thing, with an opponent that on the surface doesn't seem very intimidating - they've cycled quarterbacks worse than the Jaguars and Browns, they've got safety Harrison Smith likely to miss with Erin Henderson also missing the game due to a DWI arrest, and they don't have a ton of receiving weapons.

What they do have, however, is plenty terrifying - an offensive line, two very good pass rushers, and oh yeah, some guy named Adrian Peterson, which is frustrating when you're 32nd in rushing yardage allowed. That sounds bad. The worse part is it's legit, as the Bears are 31st in rush yards per attempt (4.9). Yep.

So, today, the Bears have to find a way to take the ball out of Adrian Peterson's hands and put the ball in the hands of Christian Ponder. Winning the battle at the line of scrimmage should help, but that'll be a tall order.

Game day, folks.


Your game-related and other WCG linkage:

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ESPNChicago's What to Watch For is right here - And Jeremiah Ratliff is expected to see his first football action in a calendar year.

The Sun-Times doesn't think Peterson's big day is a foregone conclusion.

Rick Morrissey writes the Bears need Jay Cutler to be their constant. Let me know how that's working out for him on the injury report, Rick. And let me know how good Cutler is at stopping the run.

Spongie's compiled pretty much everything else in the Den, so go check that out right now! Your life is incomplete without it!

Procedures for today's game have the first thread coming up right at noon for the opening kickoff, with each subsequent thread coming up as the game goes on. Post-game, we'll have our quick recap up along with the late games open thread, coupled with Notes in the morning.

Now with all the propers out of the way... Bear down, my friends.


The Pre-Game Stream returns this week after the trip that took me away last weekend, so we'll go for about what it takes for me to finish two games. It'll be just myself this week, so you'll get music, stories from last weekend, maybe some football talk. In all likelihood some football talk. Also, we may have an appearance from Robert Rence, so there could be some back and forth.

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