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Final Score: Chicago Bears lose, fall to Minnesota Vikings 23-20

A hell of a game that got a lot closer than it should have and then the Bears defense finds a way to cough it up.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

And just like that, a window closes just a little bit farther.

The Chicago Bears defense once again is able to cough up a game that they could have had handily.  A historic performance from Alshon Jeffery will get marked down in yet another loss in a despicable season. Carrying a 20-10 lead late, the Bears allow the Vikings to tie the game with less than a minute left in regulation.

The Vikings had a chance to win, but a facemasking penalty negates a good Blair Walsh kick, which then turns into a long-range miss.

So then the Bears move down and Robbie Gould misses a 49 yard kick.

So then the Vikings go back down to field goal range and this time Blair Walsh is able to put it through the upright toothpicks and another game winner notch in his belt.

The Bears are now 6-6 with the Detroit Lions sitting at 7-5. The Bears drop another conference game, meaning their only real chance at the playoffs now is to have the Lions drop more than they win for the rest of the season.  We'll have more on that later this week.

Schweickert has your notes coming to you in the morning. Tell us below what you're thinking after a brutal overtime loss for the Bears. And remember, this thread isn't open.


Josh McCown - 23/36, 355 yards, 2 TD
Matt Cassel - 20/33 243 yards, 1TD, 1 INT (Note: THESE ARE SECOND HALF STATS)


Matt Forte - 23 carries, 120 yards
Adrian Peterson - 35 carries, 211 yards
Cordarelle Patterson, 2 carries, 27 yards, 1 TD


Alshon Jeffery - 12 receptions, 249 yards, 2 TDs
Greg Jennings - 7 receptions, 78 yards, 1 TD
John Carlson - 4 receptions, 61 yards
Jerome SImpson, 3 receptions, 76 yarsds