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NFL Power Rankings: Will the big win on a national stage propel the Chicago Bears?

There are a lot of naysayers poo-pooing the Chicago Bears' big scoring outburst against the hapless defense of the Dallas Cowboys, but this offense has been clicking most of the 2013 season. If you didn't realize it, shame on you.

"I smell playoffs!"
"I smell playoffs!"
Jonathan Daniel

If you still don't realize that the Chicago Bears are playing big boy offense, check out this list showing Chicago's various top ten rankings.

  • 1st in the NFC in scoring, 2nd overall
  • 7th in the NFL in total yards per game
  • 5th in passing yards per game
  • 5th in passing touchdowns
  • 7th in overall QB rating
  • 4th overall in yards per play
  • 6th overall in 1st downs per game
  • 10th in 3rd down percentage
  • QB Josh McCown is 3rd for QB rating
  • WR Brandon Marshall is 4th in receptions and 8th in receiving yards
  • WR Alshon Jeffery is 5th in receiving yards, 7th in receptions, and 8th in yards from scrimmage
  • RB Matt Forte is 4th in rushing yards and 3rd in yards from scrimmage

The defense is another story however...

Let's see where the Bears are ranked in the various NFL Power Rankings around the web.

The Mothership has the Chicago Bears ranked like so,

15. Chicago Bears

The Chicago run defense may not conjure up memories of Mike Ditka's '85 Bears, but the Windy City has never had a pair of receivers make it rain like Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. The cold drove Ditka from the field in about 30 seconds during Monday night's halftime. It didn't even slow down the Bears as Josh McCown threw up another 300-yard effort. Even against a non-NFL defense like Dallas' it was an impressive showing - one that Jay Cutler will be hard-pressed to improve upon whenever he makes it back. Two road games and a possibly Rodgers-led Green Bay team in Week 17 may be too tough a road to bag a playoff berth, but Marc Trestman's inaugural season has take the Bears' offense to new heights. (Last week: 18)

Yes, they did say "make it rain".

Now on over to the Mile High Report, SBN's Denver Broncos site, to see not only that they gave the Bears a 2 spot bump to #14, but that they also couldn't contain themselves from getting in another dig at Jay Cutler.

Oh man the Bears looked like a really good football team last night. Josh McCown is actually the difference maker too! He has just one interception to double digit touchdowns on the season. So why, you ask, did I only give them a two spot bump? Easy, as soon as Jay Cutler can play, he will play and the Bears will blow a chance to win the division outright. I'll just laugh. Thanks for the two first rounders, suckers!

Refresh my memory, but how did the Josh McDaniels / Tim Tebow era work out again?

Over at Cincy Jungle they also move Chicago up 2 spots to 14, yet they did it with no snark.

Nice win for the bears and a great performance by Josh McCown.

The Bears are up 2 according to Blogging The Boys, who place Chicago at 13.

Losing Jay Cutler may have been the best thing for Chicago's chances to make the playoffs. Josh McCown is playing very well.

Yes he is.

New York's Big Blue View has the Bears like this,

13. Chicago Bears (7-6): Josh McCown is giving Chicago a lot of reasons why they shouldn't pay Jay Cutler in the offseason. (LW: 15)

If you haven't heard, the Chicago at Philadelphia game in two weeks has been flexed to the Sunday Nighter. Bleeding Green Nation, who covers the Eagles, has Chicago like so,

11) Chicago Bears (LW: 15) - A brilliant offensive performance against a poor Dallas defense in the freezing cold. The Bears are looking good with Josh McCown at QB and they're making a run for the NFC North lead.

They have Philly at nine by the way.

The Bears are up 1 to 14 according to

You think a few playoff teams wouldn't mind having Josh McCown as their backup? He's not exactly Jim Sorgi. Jay Cutler's alleged caddy was on point for the majority of Monday night. Yes, he got away with a couple of throws, but he ultimately finished with 348 yards passing and five total touchdowns.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has the Bears at 14.

Josh McCown is really playing well. Who knew he had that in him? They are still alive.

Over at Fanspeak, they have the Bears up 5 spots to 13.

Josh McCown and the Bears offense was insane on Monday night. This does not look like a back-up QB at all, which begs the question as to what will happen when Cutler returns. But for now the Bears need to focus on the Browns to keep winning and hope Lions lose again.

Detroit hosts the Ravens on Monday Night Football in case you didn't know. A Chicago win could put some pressure on Jim Schwartz and company.

The Shutdown Corner of Yahoo Sports has the Bears looking like this,

12. Chicago Bears (7-6, LW: 14)
Josh McCown has played very well. I don't know if you want to hitch your wagon to him for the long term, but he'd be a great bridge if the Bears want to draft a quarterback in May.

The fellas at ESPN have the Bears up to 13.

Josh McCown was 10-of-16 for 182 yards and a touchdown on passes more than 10 yards downfield Monday. The 10 deep completions are McCown's season high and tied Dallas' season high.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rankings this week?