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Jay Cutler contract update: Bears could let QB walk

Could the performance of Josh McCown lead the Bears to look elsewhere for a starting quarterback next season? A source tells the NFP that could certainly be the case.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

A source tells the National Football Post's Jason Cole that unless Cutler's prepared to take a club-friendly deal, the Bears are prepared to let the quarterback test the free agency waters, based on the work that backup quarterback Josh McCown has done so far this year.

From Cole's article at the NFP:

"(The Bears) believe in (coach Marc) Trestman after what they've seen from (backup quarterback Josh) McCown," the source said. "Between his system and the two big receivers (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery), you have a system where a quarterback can flourish. I don't know if McCown is going to be the starter (next season), but I think the team would be fine letting Cutler test the market and then go draft someone if he left."

This season was a huge one for Cutler coming in, as a make-or-break year in the final year of his contract with more offensive pieces in place than he's ever had in Chicago, but with his injury and the performance of McCown, perhaps the Bears do feel like the money would be better spent elsewhere.

It's worth noting this comes on the heels of Brian Urlacher's comments that he believes Jay Cutler is ready to play right now, but the Bears are sticking with McCown.