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It's official, Jay Cutler will start on Sunday

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman has made it official, the Josh McCown era has come to a close.

Jonathan Daniel

Oh, and he also named Jay Cutler the starter at quarterback against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday.

I'll paraphrase what I wrote earlier this week; If you trust Marc Trestman and his system, then you should trust in his decision on his starting quarterback.

I see the argument on both sides on the Cutler / McCown debate. Josh McCown has obviously been playing out of this world, but Trestman and his staff believe that Cutler gives the Bears the best chance to win.

Jay Cutler was a limited participant at yesterday's practice, but after receiving a full medical clearance, he was full go today.

For a little more perspective I found this little nugget on NFL Philosophy;

In the weeks where Cutler took the most snaps (weeks 1-6, 10), the Bears are 4-3. When McCown has taken the most snaps (7, 9, 11-14), the Bears are 3-4. While McCown seems to have the better numbers, the Bears actually have a worse record under McCown. When looking at opponents, Cutler's opponents are a combined 46-44 (51 percent) and McCown has faced teams whose records are now 31-45 (41 percent). Neither has faced a slate of tough competition but Cutler has clearly faced a more competitive schedule based on records. Based on Football Outsider's week 13 DVOA rankings, Cutler has faced an average of defensive DVOA ranking of 14.7. McCown's faced an average DVOA ranking of 22.0.

For those that don't know, that site is run by a former employee of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he provides a good glimpse behind the curtain at times.

The entire article is definitely worth a read, as he also gets into some of the contract stuff the Bears are sure to face.

The Cleveland Browns defense ranks 7th overall in yards allowed at 320. They rank 7th against the pass at 222 yards, and 4th against the run at 98 yards per game. They also are 9th in total sacks with 37.

The Browns may only be 4-9, but their defense is playing pretty good. They have a -7 turnover differential, and they are allowing nearly 25 points per game.

Jay Cutler will have his work cut out for him on Sunday.

One other Bears injury nugget, linebacker Lance Briggs was limited again at practice. His availability for Sunday is still not known.