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Chicago Bears Six-Pack Keys to Victory Against the Browns

The Bears are in a tight divisional race - can they continue to close the gap and have a chance to take the lead?

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

1) Chris Ogbonnaya

You can't pronounce that name either? Good, me neither. And hopefully the announcers during Sunday's game don't get much of a chance to say it, particularly after a big play. Ogbonnaya's only tallied 224 yards on the season, but that's the leading rusher that will be active for Sunday's game on the Browns' side. That number doesn't look intimidating? Consider the Bears are still the league's worst run defense and Ogbonnaya's got a yards-per-carry over five on the season. Any running back is a threat. And just like the Cover-2 Murdering Tight End got a weekly mention the last couple years, running backs have gotten there this year.

2) 1-2 JGordon Punch

Like the Bears have their own one-two punch of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are very very good at what they do. Gordon's at 1400 receiving yards on the year, and as a tight end Cameron's really come into his own this year with 825 yards of his own. Gordon and Cameron get a lot of their yards on the ground after the catch, and with the Bears' propensity to miss tackles this season, that could be dangerous.

3) Varied Pass Rush

The Browns get after the passer with everyone in their front seven and everything else but the kitchen sink, though I think they even throw that at people at times. The point is, pass rush comes from anywhere, so the Bears need to be able to account for who's coming at a given time. The Bears have handled pass rush a lot better this season than in seasons past, giving up 22 sacks on the year between Josh McCown and Jay Cutler, but for just returning this week, Cutler will need to be on his toes. Especially Jermon Bushrod and Jordan Mills, accounting for defensive ends as well as blitzing outside linebackers.

4) Joe Haden and Buster Skrine

Joe Haden's a good defensive back. Buster Skrine has filled that opposite side pretty nicely thus far as he's cut back on penalties. Both of them are on the short side, however, and dealing with the tall matchup problems that are Jeffery and Marshall could be a tall order.

5) Go Deep.

Cutler's got the arm to make deeper throws and stretch the field more consistently than Josh McCown. And if he can avoid the pass rush, he may be able to make some of the bigger plays. And depending on how much the Browns blitz, watch for receivers to try to hit the open holes.

6) Don't Underestimate the Defense

You might think the Browns' game might be easier, since the offense isn't statistically impressive, but the defense is legitimate. They score less than a point and a half per drive, but they still give up less than two points per drive, which is really pretty solid. They allow 4.6 yards per play, total, which is also pretty solid. Most of the defense's problems (touchdowns, lack of interceptions) can be blamed on offensive ineptitude and a short field after turnovers.

Bonus) Play with Urgency

The Bears play before the Lions and the Packers, and they're still behind the Lions in the division with the Packers right there. A win against a 4-9 team shouldn't be a big thing, but, then we're reminded of the game against the Vikings. The Bears don't have the ability to see what the Lions did to know if they have an opportunity or if they're trying to keep pace, so they have to play and win like the Lions and Packers are going to win.