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Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns: Game time, TV channel, location, odds, online streaming and more

Jay Cutler returns to start as the Bears head to the Cleve. The Bears need to keep winning, and keep as much pressure on the Lions as possible.

What once was is now again.
What once was is now again.
Jason Miller

Guess who's back?

Jay Cutler is back, much to the chagrin of many fans. He replaces player of the week Josh McCown, and is either the thing that pushes this team over the edge and into the playoffs, or the worst thing to happen to Chicago quarterbacking since Chad Hutchinson.

Game time: 1pm ET/ 12pm CT

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, OH

TV: Fox. Because NFC on the road vs. AFC. Check to see how this affects you.

TV Announcers: Brennaman. Billick.  Over/under on the Billick references to Jeffries is 11.5.  I'm taking the over.

Radio: WBBM 780AM | WLEY (Español)

Streaming: NFL live streaming isn't super-easy. We don't support illegal streams. Here's an article of ideas for you.

Odds: Odds?  We don't need odds.  Also, this game is really close. See? Though that's largely because they're giving the Browns points at home. Preview: Here's one.

Injuries: Check out Lester's injury report.

Behind Enemy Lines: Dawgs By Nature have the unenviable task of talking about the Browns all the time. But damned if they aren't good at it.

Coming up next time: Headin' to Philly to play a game of chasing LeSean McCoy around