Vote for your favorite WCG shirt ideas. Free shirts for the winners!

UPDATE 12/23:
Yes, you all just witnessed one of the worst losses in Bears history. But, there's good news: the votes are in and t-shirts will be made! Alshon Jeffery dominated the voting. Stay tuned for a follow-up post after the holiday containing shirt designs and more info.

Best holiday wishes to all!


Hello fellow WCG members. I'd first like to say a quick personal thank you to everyone who has participated in our shirt contest. You guys provided a great variety of fun ideas, and this is certainly something that Fantag would like to do again with you in the future. Maybe after free agency and the draft? What do you think?

We've picked out a list of 10 of your ideas to vote from. There were several other great ideas that came close to making the cut, but would have been pretty challenging to illustrate. We'll give dicksingletary's "Pick your Poison Vending Machine" an Honorable Mention.

So, now it's time for you to vote! Out of these 10, the top 3 vote getters will be turned into shirts, and Fantag will award free shirts to the users who submitted the winning ideas. We'll keep this poll open until Kickoff on Sunday night.

Good luck and Bear Down! We've got a playoff spot on the line thanks to those silly kitties from Detroit.

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